Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Thing of Beauty, Update on Bo.

I am thanking the Spirit above for Facebook and Caring Bridge.
Because of these things and them being three hours away, we have been able to be side by side and step by step with Annika and Bo.
And let me tell you, they didn't leave anything out.  We have celebrated, we have sobbed and sat in disbelief right along with them.  We have been able to write and tell them what our hearts are feeling, when sometimes you want to say it out loud but are afraid to.  We learned that this support is just what they both wanted and so needed.  Three hours away they knew we were all right there with them.
Bo has been home for a bit now... a steady string of friends and family streaming through his house, welcome hugs... even his pals there swimming, eating and just hanging with Bo.
Everyone knows to come later in the afternoon, and if there is a certain sign on the door it means he's sleeping and to come back later.

I am going to link, copy and paste for you some things below so you can get a taste of just what is happening here.

But first of all let me tell you about something we all know about, but many have never been near.
The Make a Wish Foundation.
On Friday Bo went to Lambeau Field and spent several hours with the entire Packer team.
Lunch with Aaron Rogers and so much more.
Today, as we speak Bo is on his way back to Lambeau with six of his best friends to watch the game from a skybox where they will be treated like kings, and he will be honored at half time.
In this dark time knowing that his precious life is almost over, there is a community with hearts singing and lightness in their steps knowing what joy today is going to bring to Bo.
Great article By Myles Dannhausen.
Myles posted a quote by Bo on his way to school to speak at an assembly and give the students who haven't been able to see or visit him a chance to....