Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making a Room Of My Own

Both boys moved back in about seven months ago.  We went from being empty nesters, to a full house again... and with one who hasn't live with us in seven years!  
Do I even need to explain?
That being said, it was for the best reasons, we love them so much and better yet?  They are moving out!
(There is a big story in this that I will share later)

I appreciate my house, but I have never loved it.  This comes with owning a shop and becoming slightly burned out doing everything twice... AND being the only female in the family, I kind of gave up a lot of what I loved personally... mainly to keep the peace.

So TODAY I started my own room.  My place to work, create, dream and feel like what I spent so much of my life doing at the shop.

So let me share the first snippets of what I am making my own, in my own house for the first time:

Funny, we remodeled the down stairs when we moved in.  While it's lovely and we always wanted to re-vamp the upstairs, I'm kind of glad we left it.
Where to start?

 Finally went to the barn to light a spark... cause I haven't had one!
Oh yeah, the brackets that hold those great marble shelves that I decided to keep... could look nice.
I've always loved this door.  We had shelves on it holding greeting cards.  Always, in the back of my mind I thought chalkboard paint would be fun on the windows... we'll see!

One of my favorite items from the store, a little table that I bought from Jeanine at Chippy Shabby
I put a rather large price tag on it secretly hoping it wouldn't sell.

And then there are these great columns that are only about five feet tall.
Up close look of very fine and perfectly chippy.

I have a neat work station that I will line up next to this wall... which is hard to decorate because of the slanted roof line.  Just put some of my favorite things there.  Tomorrow I will line the drawer-shelf with a red and white striped french linen.

Quick on hand to see how things will look on the shelves... testing out some silver and my favorite necklace from Tara.

Yes, that is a thermal shirt pulled over the back of the chair.  If you've been in the shop, you saw it... and I kept it!
Just added a flower pin to tie back the sleeves.

It's a start, and I think I'm going to like it.  A room of my own.  Not since before I was married, have I had a room of my own!

The other three quarters of the room look a bit something like this... 
I'll get there.

Hope you're happy and well,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Door County Conceirge... Join Me!

I love this blog.
It takes a long time to post.
I will continue this blog, but am only going to post when I feel the need to share a story from my heart with something sweet, exciting, touching... just like always.

Since closing the shop, it has allowed me to get out and about in Door County.  The events and adventures are flowing and next summer we are presenting you with some of the best opportunities for fun!!!!!!

Face Book.
Join me.

What I love about Face Book is that it's quick.
On a whim and a minute I can load a picture or album, can share some Door County fun, tell you what's happening, ask you a question, answer your question... all in a flash.

We are listed under Viva la Cottage, or copy and paste in your browser:!/pages/Viva-la-CottageViva-la-Cabin/119935361549

and hit the big "Like" button at the top of the page.
Here you will see things like this:

Not only will you keep up with the Viva la Cottage Events, I will be your Door County Concierge! 
Join me, and I will keep you posted on all things Door County.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Picking for the Barn Sale!

Today we met my friend Sharon at her place to "pick" for my barn sale in May.
Seven degrees and lots of snow was not going to stop us!
We met sweet and happy Jackson for the first time.

 Had to dig out a bit to get in.

Hello there.  We actually used this truck in a wedding we styled a while back.

Going up the stairs, I found my first treasure.

There are so many goodies, just piled up.  This sale is going to be something!

I really don't need to write anything.
Total eye candy.

These are just a few of the goodies we scored. 
Industrial and BIG.  May take several trips to get it all home.

Another beautiful day in Door County at Sharon's beautiful home.

Barn Sale Sat. May 25th, 10 to 5.
My place!
More details to come.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Barn Sale

Barn sale, barn sale, barn sale.  
Tractors, tools, and the lot... I think not!
Join me May 25th when Viva re-emerges into my idea of a barn sale.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Events for 2013!

While there are a few more event ideas brewing, I can give you these for sure!
I knew closing the shop would give me an opportunity to go all out with new ventures.
 Barn Sale Sat, May 25th 10 to 5:
This will be a very special sale at my home, in my 100 plus year old barn.
Shopping and creating are already going full force to bring you this special sale.
An inspiring mix of vintage trinkets, furniture, home and garden decor.
Our favorite jewelry from Tara, hand made items... and the tea bar, back in force
So while you are shopping, we will have signature drinks and eats for sale!

Viva's Vintage Market Sat, July 20th 10 to 5:
Oh yeah, favorite time of year, all my favorite vendors and some new ones bringing our annual market to you in a new location!  Baileys Harbor Town Hall Lawn.
We were thrilled to learn that Flea Market Style Magazine's Wedding issue (now on shelves) picked us as one of the best vintage markets to source vintage wedding props and decor!!!
It took me a while to find a location that felt special, and would let our vendors shine... and had to have decent parking.  I'm just going to say that the Village of Baileys Harbor is thrilled to have us!

Festival of Trees Nov. 29th:
Hold onto your hats... Debbie Frank, owner of Magic Jacket and I are bringing you something really different.
Local artists and businesses will be donating creative and over the top, decorated trees that will be bid on, with all proceeds going to a not-yet-decided on charity organization.
Not only that, while you feast your eyes on these incredible trees, you can take a hay ride, sip glogg, hot chocolate and cider, and shop for holiday decor for your own home or as gifts.
Bringing you a Farm Style version of our Annual Winter Wonderland, in a new, bigger and more creative way!
Debbie and I are going to make sure that the Black Friday is so much more than that, you are in for a treat!

There are other events in the works... Paper Dress Fair, a Fall Barn Sale, Womens Creative Workshops and more.
Please check back as more info and details will emerge.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Summer Wedding Work on a Cold Winter's Night.

 How wonderful, on this cold winter evening to see a post from the photographer that shot Liz and Andy's wedding I styled last summer!

Liz and Andy are a beautiful couple, and I was so lucky to be a part of their special day.
Dad was laid back, and Mom (Terry) was adorable... talented artists in their own right!
It was great fun to be able to interpret and play out the artistic details.

I've worked with Molly before and she is a delight!
Go to her post and at the end you will see the list of very talented, flower, cake, food and music people!
This is one of the reasons Door County is such a special place to get married!
The wedding of your dreams with artists who can make it happen... right in the county.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Texas and Old Habits

We took a quick trip to East Texas last week to visit my husband's parents and enjoy our old stomping grounds.
Of course my Mother in law owns an antique mall in Malakoff... so you know what we did.
How do you shop properly when you have flown...  What was I thinking?!
We hit an estate sale on it's last day and everything was half price.  Just went in with no expectations, and walked out with this wonderful Boy Scout recognition trophy, this great old hat, and a baby quilt not shown, but you'll see what I'm doing with it soon.
The locker with the handle and old snuff jars (for event styling!) came from Antiques on Royal (Mother in law's shop).
Speaking of, while I was in her shop I really wanted to show support and buy something from her own booth. 
It didn't take me but about a split second to zero in on this.  I want this one for myself.
I cannot resist millinery, much less off white roses and on a black wicker hand bag.
She looked at me when I said I loved it, and I noticed a bit of a look on her face.  A grin, a knowing, a nod, sentiment?
Then she said, "You can just have that, it was my Mother's".
Well we all know when we have to much junk in boxes and drawers that just needs to go and sometimes it's hard.
I think we were both touched that I chose it without knowing.
It now sits in what is the beginning of my room for creating.... which is another story, not nearly as romantic as it sounds.
Hope this finds you all well.
I'm back to blogging and look forward to hearing from you.