Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Loot.

Quite often, I am asked by people if I would come out to their car and take a look at the treasures they have to offer. Well, let me tell ya that sends a sense of dread to every pore in my body. I've seen it all. Grandma's and Auntie's fine European linens that wreak of something more than mildew, "Farm house" tables with the veneer warping off of the top beyond repair that they only want 300.00 for... and don't get me started on the crafts.

Anyway, the other day I was at Julie's Upscale Resale. I was in the back room when I heard her say "no, but Angie is here and they would probably do much better in her shop. We can't get that kind of money here". Dammit.
"Here she is...." as I gather/brace myself, I see that it's someone I know. Really only as a customer, but I know she has really good taste. She probably wants a zillion dollars for what ever it is she's peddling. Well, I'm cornered now.
(I'm keeping her name out of the story, BTW.)
"Hi, Angie. I've got a collection of flat, white McCoy that I just need to move on from. 34 pieces. I could drop if off at your shop and you could look at it to see if you want it".
Well, that didn't sound too bad. I was dreading having to go through each piece and make an offer, but okay.
She shows up a couple of days later, we unload it she wants a lump sum for it (no need to waste time going through each piece, yipee!), and here's my price.
In five minutes the deal was done.
She made some money and left me room to mark it up (you know for things like paying the rent, ect...) AND making it a very fair price for my customers.

How about that?!
It's so gorgeous and as I write this, I'm kicking myself for not just bringing it all home.
That was fun, and tells me that I shouldn't cringe every time someone approaches me. And well, I know better than Julie putting me on the spot... she would never, unless she knew it could be worth it... Thanks Julie!

I've been working late the past couple of nights as so much is flying out of the store and I have to re-arrange. Check out the above pic. Those hooks are old ones that people used to put receipts or messages on. I fluffed some fabric on them and them some old photos. Clearly I was in a hurry, because I would have dolled and layered a lot more, but you get the idea.

We're loving these coin and make up bags with London and Paris postcard covers.

I also came across a stash of great old photos. I'm selling them for a buck a piece if you're needing something for a project, or instant relatives.

So that's that. I'll be spending this week getting ready for our trunk show.
It's just the best time.
Shopping in the gardens for clothing and jewelry, eating quiche, artisan cheeses and fresh fruit tarts... and spending time with old friends.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends of Viva Trunk Show

It's that time of year when two of my favorite things happen.... Viva's Vintage Market and Friends of Viva Trunk Show!!!
Several years ago I sat looking out the back window of the shop feeling very forlorn that the outdoor space was not being used to it's potential. We batted around ideas, but none seemed just right.

As I made friendships with amazing women that owned fabulous boutiques around the county, a trunk show seemed to pop up time and time again.
Fast forward to the gardens and Viva la Cottage, white tents, food from Savory Spoon and treasures saved just for this event from
The Patricia Shoppe
Magic Jacket
Child's Play
Viva la Cottage!This picture is a snippet from last year's show... Monticello.

Get your best gals and get ready for the loveliest way to spend a Saturday,
shopping all these stores in just one spot.

August 6th at Viva la Cottage
10038 Hwy 57
Sister Bay

ps... how lucky am I? Counting every blessing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Viva's Vintage Market... It Was a Doozy!

Well, if you weren't able to make the market just kick back and enjoy!
Lots of pictures below.
This was one wild morning and boy was it fun!We roped off the market so that all the vendors would have time to put the final touches on their displays. When I opened the market I started pulling back the ropes and everyone just ran UNDER them! Funny.
The early birds starting to gather.

This woman was naughty! She was the first one there with cart ready to roll.
She kept seeing people shopping, and it was hard to convince her that those were the vendors working. I had to escort her out when I found her secretly trying to preview the market.
Of course it was more funny than serious and she was a great sport.

This pic is out of order, but the shop looked like this non stop until about 2pm. Which btw, was fabulous!

This year we finally gave it up and "hired" staff to help with the parking. Some of you may know Pastor Kerry and Sharon Elliot! My Dad and husband helped organize the parking as well. The most curious things happen when you show some authority.... like actually parking in rows!


This was the Highway in front of the shop just after opening. We had two huge parking lots mowed and ready and it overflowed onto the road. If you've been to my shop, you know what the Highway normally looks like. Can you imagine just strolling down Hwy 57 with your purchase? I have a feeling we may get a "talking to" from the village this year.

I love this view... you can just see the first tents.

This gal rocked the food! Delicious! Go see her downtown. She's new and I highly recommend the corn salad!

One of my favorite people, Candyce from Altered Ever After. I didn't get to spend any time outside this year and really missed talking to her and Jill.... didn't even get to buy anything!

Erika and Lenny tweaking just before opening.

More of Apron Strings.

Jeanine from
. Jeanine has been with us since our first show and she never disappoints. Her displays are so intriguing!

More Chippy Shabby.

Theresa from Assemblage!

Katherine from Found Images. She's kind of big time seeing as how she shows at Round Top and all! Her lamp shades get stitched on sight! I try not to be jealous that she has a collection of cowboy boots... I only have one pair.

Found Images Lamp.

Gracie's Cottage and Down Lilac Lane. Jan and Kathy do lots of shows and we were so happy to have them be a part of our show this year. Whoo-hoo these girls know how to do it!

The day was so fast and furious that I didn't get any pictures of Brilliant Stranger nor Susan Livengood, but there they are shopping before opening. Great gals, those two!

Jane's booth. Jane knows how to hunt and her prices are fantastic... she was blowing it out of there!

Jane's husband kept us entertained all day. According to him, someone he just met that day is naming their baby after him.

Kris Bengener from Retro Textures. Cute!

Kris had the prettiest floral display around her jewelry!

Ms. Loba... fabulous tunics with vintage bits added. I adored her outfit.

Lu Lu's Petals. I apologize that I did not get enough pics from her. Her jewelry was much more amazing than what I'm showing here. She was a doll.

Mary Virlee's pinwheels!

Mary made this caked out of vintage bits and pieces, then adorns it with an antique figurine.

More Mary!

Stephanie's booth from Re-Bloom, right here in Door County! Stephanie's been bitten by the vintage bug and she has developed quite an eye in such a short time.

Small Town Vintage. Katie always finds unusual things and I'm sorry I didn't get a better pic of her hand made items.

Tara Zimmerer. Jewelry to knock your socks off.

Here she is... Carol and I want to look and dress just like her.

More of Tara's necklaces.

Vintage Jules... she has all kinds of ephemera for any craft project.

The one that got away... for me that is. When I saw this iced tea cooler in Carol's booth I knew I wanted it. Darn it if it didn't sell right off the bat!

This is my favorite pic of the day. Carol's cute smile and her favorite sale of the day.
I just want to thank all the vendors and shoppers for attending. This was the most special day, and literally a dream come true for me.
I want to thank my Mom and Dad for always just saying yes, and pitching in when and wherever I need. They make it so easy for me.

Then a huge shout out to my husband who listened to my dream, did what he could to make it come true, was cool during my meltdowns and was proud as punch of me when it was all said and done. I love you John!

Till next year!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Viva's Vintage Market is Today!

Well, today is the big day and I have been very far away from blog land. With four major events all within six weeks, I just haven't had the time to blog.
Anyway, all 22 vendors are setting up as we speak at the crack of dawn.
This is one of the highlights of the year.
Blog friends, Chippy Shabby, Gracie's Cottage and Altered Ever After are among a few of the vendors on had.
I do promise to take tons of pictures so if you've missed the event you can check it out here and mark you calendars for next year!