Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's a Doozy of a Sale!

To help ring in the New Year,

we are having a great big ole sale. 20% off Store Wide

30% off All Bedding

50% off All Clothing

50% off All Holiday Decor

70% off Selected items!

We're open this weekend

Thursday through Sunday, 10 to 4.

Hope to see you here!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Vintage Nest Holiday Market

Good Morning!
I finally put up the pictures from our Vintage Holiday Market.
These are before we were open. I leaned from our last event, there is just no time for picture taking!
We opened Friday, had some nice sales, saw lots of old friends, but Saturday was just hopping in the shop and we were very busy.
Thanks to all of you who came to our little show.
It sure put me in the holiday spirit.Small Town Vintage

I loved this little bottle creation on the left, but it was nabbed before I could get to it.

In a Hay Stack.

Check out the pin on the hat, it says "Door County Winter Sports".

I usually let customers have first crack at the vintage goodies, but have to admit I grabbed this coat right off the bat from Katie of Small Town Vintage. I look FABULOUS in it, now where to wear it? I suppose the Pig.

Jeanine of Chippy Shabby popped in to see us. With Carol (In a Hay Stack) gathering a treasure.
She and her husband are always very supportive of our store and shows, it's always fun to catch up and see what's what in the vintage hunt world. She always has unique items.

In a Hay Stack Above.

Small Town Vintage

Look at these darling skates.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
I love our events.
From the big Vintage Market we have outside every July, to the smaller more intimate shows inside the shop. There's great treasure hunting, inspiring ideas, lots of laughing and chatter, and we always end the day with great stories and new friends.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Checking In!

First of all, my computer is not wanting to download my pictures, hence the lack of posts.
I have some great pictures to show you from the Vintage Nest Holiday Market.
My thinking is that if I can get them up before Christmas, you'll at least be inspired by them and possibly want to translate a few of our ideas into your own home.

It's been a while since I have really decked out my own house for the holidays.
We have the shop holiday'd up by the end of October, and frankly by the time it's time to decorate my own home, I'm over it!

This year I refuse to be lazy... and have out done myself, if I do say so myself.
I have taken pictures and will post them by Friday, I promise!
In the meanwhile, I have been feeding my addiction to Pinterest,
(hey, get on there, follow me and I'll follow you)
and thought I'd leave you with this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Being ZIN, Six Long Months Ahead and What Would You Do?

Do you ever wonder what it's like to really live in Door County year round?
If you are in retail, it's basically about being able to adjust... and adjust... and adjust.... and then do it again.
It's windy and cold out.
It's dark at 4:30.
I have had a lot of down time due to the tourist season being over.
Actually transitioning from being over the top busy, to having no "busy" at all is a real challenge.
The flowers in the gardens are all put to a winter's rest.
I say my good bye's to Peter, the caretaker of the gardens at the shop,
(and many other endearing things I could call him)
knowing I won't see him again until April.
Carol and I work only a day or two during the week.
The heaters crank up, as does the bill.
While we are planning on a big event at the shop Nov. 25th, it's just plain quiet.
I know a lot of people wonder what it must be like to only work May through October, and have so much time off during the winter.
There is certainly an up-side... if you've had a profitable season.
(we're alright, thanks)

The other side of that is having that next six months in front of you.
We're empty nesters.
Not complaining.
However, all the school activities that kept us moving and socializing are all kaput.
(somehow, we're good with that as well).
Still... the next six months.
What to do?

A couple of years ago, out of desperation for company and fun, I decided to try a Zumba class at the Y.
Hell, I was a Planoette... surely I could Zumba!
(google Planoettes people, you'll see what I mean)
And Zumba I did.
Last February, I got my certification and have been teaching classes ever since.
Zumba Instructor Network.
Okay, so you pay your 30 bucks a month and get new music and routines, but it's really about making it your own. You know, if you can't build a class it's not gonna work, and I have made all the mistakes a new instructor could.
That being said, I feel a bit like a teenager again. When John is out of town on a business trip, I'm glued to the music, learning the steps, and you might even catch me with a hair brush for a microphone in front of the mirror movin' and groovin'.
It's just plain fun, and I feel like I have found a bit of myself that was put aside to do more grown up things.

Another thing you might not know about me is that I am the Handbell choir director at the Sister Bay Moravian Church.
I cringe a little at saying this because the only reason I'm the director is that our original director had to take a leave of absence due to an ill parent.
But again, you know what? It's so much fun. Music was a very, very large part of my life growing up and all of a sudden it's come back to me as a gift.
The bell choir might say different as my instruction is sometimes "the beat is ba ba baba, doink doink, ba ba ba ba".
By the way, we have a "Greatest Hits CD coming out next month!
(no we don't)

I love Viva la Cottage, yet know that I pretty much put it to rest at the end of every November.
That's okay.
I'll Zumba, ring hand bells, go to market for the shop and be rejuvenated for the next season, yet once again.
One strange thing, being on Face book, I know that none of my childhood or high school friends would be at all surprised that I teach Zumba or direct the hand bell choir.
I'm curious.
If you had six cold winter months ahead of you, what talents do you have that would resurface and make you happy?

Zumba love,
(cause that's what we say)

Vintage Nest Holiday Market

We are really busy getting ready for the Vintage Nest of Door County Holiday Market!
Two guest vendors setting up in the shop with all kinds of vintage holiday decor and hand made items. Such a treasure hunt and you're sure to find just that at this show.
Also on hand will be Lynnlee from Bayside Bakery featuring holiday sweets and drinks for sale to munch on as you shop, or stock up on to take home with you.
If you were at our Vintage Market in July, you will surely remember all the delicious lunch items and sweets she had to offer!

Don't miss out on the fun!
Friday, Nov. 25th
10 to 5pm

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get many photos due to the high demand at the register for Viva's Winter Wonderland show.
I decided to get some close ups so you would at least get the feel for what we did, and don't forget we are restocking for the Vintage Nest show on the 25th.

Now back to decorating and re-foofing!
Enjoying this rainy day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Vintage Nest will arrive at Viva, 10am sharp November 25th!I love this show.
All I have to do is clear out the front of the shop and watch someone else make the magic happen, and it does!
This year, as always features In a Haystack and Small Town Vintage,
but we're also welcoming the Bayside Bakery for holiday treats to nibble while you shop!
Hope to see you all there,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland Pic.. no s... And a Day With the Animals!

Well folks, here it is. The only picture I have of the show.
This is the checkout, and it was like this for hours.
It was a wonderful day and our biggest sales day of the season. I'm just really sorry that I couldn't get out from behind the counter long enough to get some pictures for those of you who weren't there and have asked.
(The line was impressive!)Since I have the day off, John and I decided to take a chunk of the afternoon just to play with the animals. A lot of you know Mr. Bill, our tiny stray that showed up last August. Me the non-cat person took him to the local vet who adopts out cats. I took one look at the other cats there and took him right back home. He also has a great friend, Lafe, who was brought to me when a friend of mine found her in the middle of the road just bawlin... she's here too!
Mr. Bill knows when the camera is on him, check it out.

He fell and flipped and flopped until he got a grip. He's only a foot off the ground.
Clearly, he's very entertaining.

Working it for the camera.

Me and my gal Lafe... what a gorgeous fall day it is.

There is no point in picking her up, however if you will get on the ground with her, she's all yours.
And, we have dogs!
I love throwing apples for Bishop, it's his favorite thing in the world.

Trapper... he's never still. EVER. I managed to get these two seconds snapped and he's off to chase more turkeys.

John and Bishop.

Bishop! Oh that dog is a good little "poser"! Always ready for the camera.
Just look at that face.
What a fun afternoon.

I hope this day finds you doing simple, wonderful things.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek

The festivities are about to begin!It's Winter Wonderland, not just holiday.
Just wait till you feast your eyes on her!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We've been at if for three days now and things are looking good!
We do this big shin dig every year right after Fall Fest (you know, because we are so fresh and energized), and really have a great time with the shop being closed and getting to re-vamp everything!
Crank up the tunes and get me some Leroys!

Today, Carol polished silver, Dan got the barn boards up and Dianne finished pricing everything.
Get real barn boards, you get real barn board smell... luckily it is diminishing.
Don't you love these pumpkins?
Claire, of course.
Yesterday around 5pm I heard knocking at the door... "Zumba Girl, it's me!"
I open the door she walks in and is stopped in her tracks.
She has a look on her face that plainly expresses her disbelief at what the shop looks like and the doubt that we could ever pull this off... and this is a smooth year!
Just touching base, letting you know my emotions are back in check, you know, for now.
I hope you all stop in Saturday, I'm really floored at the transformation in the front of the shop.
Sweet dreams,

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Unhappy Customer and Getting it Straight.

I woke up Sunday morning and decided to peruse some blogs, you know get inspired by other vendor displays and garner some ideas of my own. Especially since our Winter Wonderland show is Saturday.

I noticed a comment on one of my posts.
It was from a very upset customer who had been mistreated in my store, and apparently needed to vent so much that instead of calling or emailing me, she chose to put it as a comment for the world (or all two of you) to see.

First of all, I do believe the customer is always right. Always, and that's how I treat them even if I disagree.

She had a question about our Vintage Market, which we get a lot of, and was told that... let's just say it... Carol apparently took a look at her and told her there was no room in the market. She was upset because she felt that Carol gave her a once over and decided by her looks that she was unfit for our market. She went on to say that she likes our shop, always has... we have nice stuff but we are not nice.... no way to treat customers.

Okay, first I was mortified, then upset, then I started questioning Carol and wondering what could she have done?!

I responded quickly to "anonymous" and told her to email me with her phone number and I would call her back to discuss what had happened and that of course this was unacceptable!

I told Carol I would give "anonymous" until Monday evening, and if I didn't hear from her again, I felt the need to publish this post.

Here's How It Is:
Carol has been with me for a long time. She's a hard worker, gives excellent customer service (goes above and beyond what I would do) and would never, ever judge a person, especially a prospective vendor by what they looked like. Have you seen what vintage/flea market vendors look like? This is NOT a glamorous bunch.

When I brought this to Carol's attention she said she had a feeling she knew who it was, but hardly felt like she had been rude... our Vintage Market is as near to Carol's heart as it is mine.
Carol recalled being in the middle of a rather large sale that required getting a dresser out of the store and into a car, with several people still waiting to be checked out.
Carol's recollection is that this customer, if it was "anonymous", insisted on asking questions about the requirements of the Vintage Market during this larger sale with others still waiting to be checked out.
Carol gave her the details in spurts, but gave her the same details she gives everyone. If this WAS "anonymous" you gotta know that it is really rude to interrupt a sale, especially when you see how busy the clerk is trying to keep buying customers happy and is having one on one time with someone actually spending money. "Anonymous", if this wasn't you, I'm sorry for that comment.

BTW, that is one of my biggest pet peeves, so sorry for the rant.

As far as the Vintage Market,
Here's How It Is.

We are full. Period. You have the best booth mankind has ever seen, better than some of the vendors we have already? Full. Sorry.
Yes, we are "juried", but it's not that much pressure.
We have a real waiting list.
Someone drops out, the person at the top of the list gets called.
Are you a jewelry artist?
Even tougher. Too many jewelry artists water down each other's sales and we are protective of the ones we have. But say one drops out, the next one is in.

The reason we are full is because last year I toyed with the thought of putting vendors out into the field to grow the show. You know what happened? It lost it's charm. Anyone outside of that picket fence would not do well.

While I'm at it, there's one more thing (this has nothing to do with "anonymous").
I'm having a really hard time posting lately.
I'm growing weary of reading other blogs and how fascinating their daily lives are.
Fabulous. Gag.
I realized that my blogging has the same effect.
My life is not smooth. I keep things to myself. I have major stresses in my life, just like the rest of you.
My blog is a way to express happy things, dreams... the way I want it to be, and then I go back to reality.
Did I ever tell you about the lovely July day I spent last year working at the shop and I was so cranky (due to a husband and hormones) that I only did 47.00, on a day where I should have done a lot, because I'm quite certain customers were afraid to approach me? It happens.

Big breath. Lord, I hope I don't regret this post but I just gotta say it.

"Anonymous", please email me or call me as I want to work it out and Carol and I are both sorry if you had a bad experience in the shop.

Carol, thanks. You rock.

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's that time again!This year's gonna be FUN!

Join us, won't you?

(more soon)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meet and Greet, New Neighbors!

After watching the Packers whoop another team, and it just being a cool and lazy Sunday, I thought it was high time to go and introduce myself to our new neighbors.
At first it sounded like a bunch of winy, crying toddlers had moved in but I was wrong.
They caught site of me......and made a very curious and quick trot out to meet me.
(fyi, goats do not jump fences and trample innocent women to death)

Is there a goat pecking order? If so, the all black one is head honcho.

These goats are so cute and very chatty. Very chatty and didn't want me to leave.

Even the head honcho begged me to stay a bit longer.
These cuties belong to a relation with the initials J and J... and are supposedly going to be a part of a new cheese shop, supposedly in a town with the initials S and B.
Go Pack.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh American Spaces, Signed Copies!

It's finally here!

Annie Selke, founder of Pine Cone Hill has published a beautiful book called Fresh American Spaces.

It's a lovely "idea" book.

Stop in and get yours before they run out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Some Shots of What's in the Shop Now.

Well, hear we go into fall... it got here just last night! Boy did the weather ever cool down.
Also, the county is very sleepy... not due to lack of people, due to the fact that half of us were up around 3am, wondering what part of our houses were on fire.
Come to find out this morning that all of Northeast WI. can smell the smoke from the wild fires in Minnesota.
Sending good thoughts to MN, and hope it gets under control soon.
I thought I'd just share some pictures of what' new in the store.
Enjoy!New jewels from Tara Zimmerer!

A fun find in the dish department.

Scarf and pin by Neesh.

La Vie!

Soaps by Lepi, this is what makes the shop smell so good.

More La Vie!

Fresh round of frames.

Vintage airline dishes.

And of course, more silly cards!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

That last post sounded like my speech for receiving an Oscar. I practiced it over and over in front of the mirror with a hair brush in my hand... I really want to thank all the little people that made me so fabulous!!!
I have to admit, I have a serious case of the "post wedding decorating" blues. Not only that, while our season isn't over, it is that time of year when the week days get really quiet, kids are all going back to school and frankly, I've got a bad case of the ho-hums, or maybe I should say a bad case of not knowing what to do next.

It's not like there isn't anything to do... our holiday event it coming up in October, the shop needs fall decorations, and I should be ordering away.
Oh well, I'm off to work and usually when I open the front door, the smell and lightness cheer me right back up.

Ah, look! There it is in action!
Okay, make it a great day everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nick Loves Emily...

Well, here you go! These are all pictures of the set up. You will see some amazing photos through the eyes of Molly Michael at m.three studio
in about a month. I can't wait to see how those turned out, she is quite amazing as you'll see when you click on her site.
So here is the set up gang.... and we still look pretty good! John is taking the pic, Dan, Dianne (mom and dad), and Katie. Let me tell you the magic behind this... we all bring something different to the table, and that's what made this work.
Carol had to hold the fort down at the shop, but she took care of business and helped in all the ways that made it easier for us to be here.
Lots and lots of pics... enjoy!Two trailers, two trucks and a car loaded and on our way.

There were tons of hand painted signs at this wedding and Claire was our go to girl!

In the tent Em wanted several seating vignettes so it was more of a vintage-y lounge and bar area before dinner. Scored at Scand resale, but needed some updating.

John cut, Claire painted!

Well hello my lovely! A little white washing and it's a piece of art!

Again, a little white wash and add some vintage fringe... voila!

We've finally arrived at Wood Walk Gallery, which is staged in the loveliest old barn and the surroundings are spectacular. We watched this storm for two days.

Here is Katie setting up the photo booth. It was set in a horse stall, which was just perfect. Lots of props and signs which made for tons of mugging and laughing.

We tied ribbons on the bride and groom's chairs as well as the parents.

The seating was on hay bales and we had to cut lots of fabric... let's just say that was a tricky one.

Here's Dianne. We filled buckets with gravel, put in shepherds hooks, and hung mason jars with candles in them. Then we covered them with potato sacks and topped with white geraniums.
This is where the guests were dropped off from the trolley.

Classic string lights in the tent. John and Dad worked their magic.

Here comes the hay! A million thanks to Schartner's just out of Egg Harbor. I know they thought we were nuts to want to sit on hay, but they were delightful and the delivery time couldn't have been better.....

because the wedding party was here for rehearsal and there was lots of help to get it unloaded.
By the way, we will NEVER work with hay again.

Props for the photo booth.

This is where the ceremony took place. The wind wreaked havoc on the fabric, but once the ceremony started it was laying down just perfectly.

I can't even say the words as to how beautiful the flowers were. Just look at them.
Helene of Flora

There were two of the stands at the beginning of the aisles.

I also have to mention Sarah from Flour Girl Pattisiere.
I don't have a photo of the cake, but will get one. You cannot believe how gorgeous it was and tasted even better.

Katie setting up the bar area. This was awesome and I can't wait for you to see the after pictures.

This was fun. We painted the seating assignments on old windows, then attached them to the outside of the barn where they would enter.

We strung photos of Nick and Emily when they were younger, then their engagement photos throughout the rest of the lines.

We were getting a little frenzied because we had barely started the inside of the barn where they would be eating. Carol showed up early and helped move things along.

Just starting to pull some of the seating areas together. Just wait till you see the end result!!

Em had requested bug spray and we had totally forgotten to pick some up. Mom ran to the store, came back with five bottles of the stuff and put a pot of geraniums on the stump and arranged the bug spray in the pot. It was pretty cute.

It pays to have friends. Sharon Elliot had this fabulous truck and we were able to surround it with props for photo taking after the ceremony. (all these pics are unfinished, darn it!)

Good grief, we're finally getting on with the dinner and dance setting!
Carol and Katie are trying their hardest to get the correct seating because we had to shift the tables at the last minute (it helps to measure).
Also, make sure you click on these pics inside the barn to make them larger and see better detail.

Here is Mom, Ben and Alli. Mom was in charge of napkin folding and putting the cushions on the chairs (for the moment anyway!).
The caterer announced that the silver ware was dirty and needed polishing!!! What?!?
Enter Ben and Alli... shine away, kids.
(can you stand the chandies above the dinner tables and the old fashioned string lights above the dance floor?!)
Oh and about those tables? Em wanted wooden tables. No plastic and no linens to the floor just to cover them up. These are all hand made by my Dad. All ten of them!
They are a huge part of what made the dinner area so special.

This was the only moment where I felt like we weren't going to make it in time.
Helene and her crew (in the background) asked if we needed any help.... can you lay out the silver ware?! Sure! Honestly, I know there aren't many venues in the world where separate vendors help out the other. It pushed us back on schedule.

Emily's arrival. Lord help me, here she comes. After a year and a half of planning and 48 hours of finally putting it together without her being there was too much.
(I have to tell you there are two unattractive photos in the post, one being the girl on the right... sorry, because she had the biggest and prettiest smile I've ever seen and I was charmed to pieces by her)

And here is the other not so pretty picture. But you know why I had to post this? It's because this was the exact moment when she walked into the barn, and the next second the tears were flowing... we made her dreams come true.
Now I'm going to start crying all over again.

So, at midnight after all my work was done, John and I started to leave with the dancing still going strong, and this is what I turned to see...

A happy bride who's vision had been met.

Side notes.... I'm really mad about not getting any pics during the wedding, but I was on duty and it was impossible. I will post the "real deal" photos when Molly sends them to me.

It felt as though the Wood Walk Gallery had become our home of sorts. We spent all day Friday setting up, got there at 8am on Saturday and didn't leave until midnight.
Allin and Margaret were more than gracious. Whatever we needed Allin was right there. Around Margaret's beautiful art and gallery was where the dinner was to take place, so we really invaded the gallery. Thanks Margaret for letting us be a part of your space.

We went back Sunday to clean up. I let Katie off the hook for that one. It took us five hours.
We went to grab some lunch and all agreed we were really sorry it was over with.

It dawned on me today, that it was a bit like going to camp, bonding with other vendors and people we had never met before and spending a short but intense amount of time with these people.

There was real magic in the fact that nothing and I mean nothing went wrong.

Also magic was that the team of Viva, which included my parents Dan and Dianne, my husband John (who through the diva card), Katie who set up most of the vignettes and Carol who helped coordinate and keep the shop running, was the strength in our abilities. Where ever one was weak, the was one who was strong! I love doing the display work and I had to hand so much of it over to Katie and she really pulled through for me.
John and Dad who were the construction, and electrical go to guys.
And Mom, who took every single detailed, never ending chore and did it with a smile

More magic, Helene of Flora and her team and Sarah from Flour Girl... combined with the barn and surrounding... I want to do it all over again!

And to Carol... if I didn't have you none of this would ever be possible.

We think we're ready to make a real go of this... the difference being that next time Katie and I are going to strut around tapping our pencils on our clipboards and just plain bossing every one around... and no more hay.