Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Door County and Heavy Hearts.

Bo is coming home.
There is nothing more the Doctors can do for him.
He has spent the last year fighting with all his might to beat this disease.
They are getting his pain under control, and he will be on his way home to be surrounded by his family and friends... to say his goodbyes and to see the place where he lived and was loved for his entire 13 years... and drift peacefully away with the angels awaiting.
If you could just lift up Bo and his Mom Annika.
There is just nothing more to say.
We are all heart broken.
We all love them so.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hold it, hold it... tilt and suck it in... there!

So.  Some new Neesh came in.  I was having a hard time getting good pics of it so I decided to go into the dressing room and put it on myself.
There's this really cool shortish, tulle skirt which is really perfect for layering and I look FABULOUS in it.
Just get in there and snap.  Well, when I looked through the lens... I looked different than I felt, shall we say.
So with a little tilt  and "suck it in" work, not to mention the camera covering up the wrinkles.. there you go!
I look like I felt!
However, you can't see the skirt.
You can tell by the angle of my feet and knees I was working it.
Sigh, we'll get to the arms at another session.

And hey, here's lifting anyone up struggling with illness, stress, sorrow and anything else that is keeping your world from working just right.
Please say a prayer for Bo Johnson... and his Mom Annika.
(their world is a very uncertain and frightening place right now).
Just trying to keep something feeling normal...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weddings. Trends and Me Moving On.

I am vintage.  I love it and it loves me.
As does everything in life, things change.
Trends and styles change.  I have always been a bit ahead of the game (well let's just say the Door County game which is usually 10 years behind the real trends) and need to take "vintage" to a new level.  While I will always adore worn, tattered, chippy, "patina'd"... something else is rising in my thoughts and wants.
Shiny.  Well taken care of.  Elegant.  Glamorous.
(yet still affordable)
I will be taking on some new weddings next summer and am excited to see what brides are looking for.  It has been a lovely surprise for me to style a wedding.  A bride tells me her vision, and I am given instructions, provided props and settings, surrounded with hard working, creative people... not to mention how the flowers bring it all to life, the cake is a work of art and a very talented photographer captures the moments as they unfold. 
(which all really make me look good)
And then there's this...
Pinterest.  Good grief.

This photo has moved me for two days!

A black wedding dress.  Sounds bleak and strange, but just look at it!
I would totally do this.
Can you imagine everyone turning around to look at you walking up the aisle in this?
Yes, it is beautiful.  Stunning.  
Artistic and memorable... just like a wedding should be.

Well, this is also me avoiding the sadness that has been happening at the shop lately.
I have made peace with it, knowing my next steps... what I didn't plan on were the customers who used to be 60 and now are 76, used to be 12 and now are 28.... and all the hugs, sadness, well wishes... and knowing full well if you come into the shop, it could be the last time I see you... and to think of the great conversations and just general fun we've had.

Stories to come... but focus on those pics above... would you wear a black wedding gown?