Monday, November 25, 2013

Viva's Holiday Market, and How to Make it a Day Trip or a Full Weekend!

We are thrilled that Saturday is getting closer, and the barn is in full twinkle!
If you are thinking about coming to the sale, but worry there's not enough to do this time of year, let me help you out!
In Sister Bay…
*FOG (Friends of Gibraltar) Craft Show Friday and Saturday
*Friday Evening visit with Santa and lighting of the tree and other special holiday themed events for the weekend (see posters and ads when you get here)
*Spot (a mini Anthropology) and Cupcake Heaven will be featuring big sales, local artists, face painting and Family Center of Door County Donation Drop offs here.
*Quite a few shops open with really great sales going on
*Don't miss Pipka's (in her charming cottage you will find 
all kinds of papers and trinkets for crafting, jewelry, books, art… very inspiring)
*Northern Door Day Care Center is hosting their annual Holiday Home Tour, you can tour the BIG HOUSE:) and other charming decked out homes all while contributing to a new roof for the center.
*JJ's will have live music Saturday night!  Have a marg and dance the night away!

Ellison Bay…
*A wonderful group of artisans will be hosting Holiday Open Houses Friday and Saturday where you find fabulous gifts for giving this season:
*Clay Bay Pottery
*Gills Rock Stoneware
*Turtle Ridge
*The Cider House
Ellison Bay Pottery

*Blue Dolphin House is hosting it's annual Holiday Sale with everything being 20% to 50% off! An inspiring, more contemporary store featuring all kinds of art, fragrances, outdoor art and home decor… well, and a whole lot more!

Egg Harbor…
*Egg Harbor's Holly Days are going on!  All day Friday and Saturday with lots of family friendly events.  Again, check the paper and ads when you get here.
*Family Center and Door County Children's Christmas Store…. kids ages 4 to 12 can buy gifts for family member with items priced from 1.00 to 10.00.  Items donated by local businesses… so sweet.
Don't miss…
*Patricia Shoppe
*Maxwell House
*Door County Nature Works
*Something Fishy
(a few of my own must sees)
For a wonderful lunch or breakfast…
*MacReady's…. lovely bakery with lovely owners featuring delicious baked goods, sandwiches, soups and more!

Fish Creek is open an bustling… don't miss breakfast at the White Gull, and Dinner at the Whistling Swan… just park and walk up and down the street for lovely shopping and strolling.

And Don't Forget…
Viva's Holiday Market!!!
I am totally stoked about this.
Saturday from 9 to 3, 2004 Cty ZZ two minutes from Sister Bay.

Now this is what I call really good local shopping! 
Come and join us!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Viva's Holiday Market, Sat. Nov 30th!

You know how you start out with one great idea... things happen, disappointment and a little fear set in?  Then you take a step back, start the conversation and an even better idea is born?
This is it.

A mix of our Winter Wonderland and a Vintage Market.
Step into a charming (and heated) Door County barn and you will be in for an experience.
Six of my favorite vendors will fill the barn with one of a kind handmade and vintage items for gift giving and holiday decorating.
You will be greeted with warm drinks and holiday treats to enjoy while you shop.
Twinkly lights, festive decor and holiday music will set the mood for a wonderful time.
It's a great time to be in Sister Bay.  Really.
In my next post, I will feature how to make this a day trip or a complete weekend... you know, I'm in the know, wink wink.

On a more personal note...
One day my husband and I were driving home from a quick trip to Green Bay.
I was quietly pondering the closing of my shop.  Late fall has always been my favorite time to be in the shop.  Fewer customers coming in, more "visits" from my friends dropping by and my creative juices welling up for the holiday show, excited about the trade shows and visions of a new season.  

It was a bitter sweet feeling and I was contemplating how times have changed and wondering just who and what I am these days.  My days are very different now.  There are some wonderful changes that have happened, mainly both my boys living close by and my time has been more open for social events and time spent with friends.  But there are many days where I am home trying to define myself.  Sometimes feeling a little lost.

  It was a beautiful day and I let my eyes just roll over the landscape, taking notes of the clouds and the lighting.  Something was stirring in me... eating at me.

I started this conversation with my husband,
"Remember when you could visit wonderful little towns and places, step into and out of wonderful little shops and eateries that presented delightful and inspirataional sites and smells... the kind that made you want to turn your own home and surroundings into the same feeling?  What ever happened to that?".
Don't get me wrong, there are still some wonderful places to get that experience... just not near as many, and it's not the same.

2008, that's what happened and I know it.  
But still... John mentioned to me that the experience has just shifted.  While most of us can't afford to drop a 2,000.00 on some new bedding, we can afford to eat.  So many wonderful places in Door County alone have popped up.  The food scene here is quite something, and I can walk into many delightful places that offer that experience.
Luckily Door County has two other precious commodities that keep people coming back... the arts, artists and the landscape.

That's when I realized my true desire, to create that feeling.  To my core I want to set up and present to you a feeling, an experience... to inspire you and make you feel good.
To send you on your way with new ideas and wonderful memories.
Can't do it in a shop anymore, but I can still do it.

Just when I thought I couldn't pull off an event or experience, my heart and my brain kicked in.  I could make it the best one yet.

I want you to feel like you've entered into the sweetest, most charming, feel good kind of event.  I want you to ooh and ah over all the delightful sites, items to purchase and new ideas to take home with you.

Don't forget to check back... I'll set you up for a great day trip or weekend here in the county.  
Where to eat, shop and experience the county.
There's some fun to be had.

While it's blustery and cold, I'm off to the barn... you're going to love it, and thanks for hanging in there with me.