Monday, March 21, 2011

John in Japan.

My cell was ringing at 7am as I was coming down the stairs.
"I'm okay!!!"
"I was in the earthquake, I'm okay!".
No clue.
"You haven't looked at your computer or turned on the news... an 8.9. Lee and I are okay. I thought I was coming down with food poisoning or the flu because my stomach was churning, and I thought the room was spinning. I went to the window, pulled back the curtains and saw the building across the street swaying back and forth... huge earthquake!".
Good God.
John had been texting both of the boys throughout (because they are young and awake at 3am). Danny told John not to call me... "you're okay Dad, and Mom is asleep you'll freak her out if you keep trying to call".
I had left my cell down stairs and was oblivious to the rest of the world.
So much, and John's now safe at home with an incredible story.
Hardest for my sweet husband? Hopping on a plane and leaving it all behind.
The thought of the retired and older nuclear plant workers being called in on basically a suicide mission to do whatever it takes to keep things cool and from exploding, basically knowing it will.

Here's what you need to do. Contact the Red Cross. Donate. Keep Japan in your prayers.
And know, that these are our neighbors.

Home, sweet home.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creative Gift Idea

My good friend, Debbie is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.
Brunch at the White Gull and then bowling.
A lot of you know Debbie... she owns the best clothing store in the county,
Magic Jacket. She's also an artist. Deb knows that I'm always on the hunt for vintage ephemera and asked me to be on the look out for old photos.
John and I took a day on Thursday to spend some time together before his big trip to China.
I thought it would be fun to spend a bit of that time treasure hunting for Debbie's gift.
I cannot tell you how lucky I am the we both enjoy the hunt and could do it every day!
Guess who spied this little goodie?
When I got it into the light it was waaaaaaaay dirtier than I knew and I spent a lot of time scrubbing.... but check it out!Here's what we filled it with...
great photos... all of ladies.
This rusty little tin, scrubbed it up and filled it...

with these... sorry to Steve, Debbie's husband who may regret a couple of them.

You know when you see a booth that is so tacky, and everything is in a stapled baggie?
It pays to check it out!

I'm not normally drawn to theses mags, but Debbie has quite the sense of humor
and I couldn't resist.

....snicker, snicker..


Really neat art corners in different shapes, and a cattle tag that has a magic number on it!

After the scrubbing, I filled it with shreds from an old book.

Had fun wrapping and placing all the vintage goodies.

Then tagged it with a card that says... Don't fall in love with a girl because she has a pretty costume, buy the costume- it's cheaper.
How great!

Hope she likes it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Door County Story... to stall...

Even I am getting tired of looking at FMS magazine's announcement, but I'm having to stall before the next really fun post.
I am going to a friend's birthday party on Sunday... with the girls.... brunch at the White Gull and then bowling.
I got her a really fun gift that I will blog about, but I can't put it up until after she opens it, so stay tuned!

In the meantime... I thought I would share a Door County story.

We moved here just over 18 years ago.
We had lived in Chicago for several years, and the Dallas area before that.
Being aware of crime, locking doors, never leaving anything in a car, jumping at every little sound just because you could never be sure, was a way of life.
Everyone was wary and careful.

One very late night, the boys were in bed and John and I were watching television.
I heard something at the front door and signaled John into action.
My heart was pounding out of my chest when John got to the door just as it opened and a man was coming in!
John said "what are you doing?" and he said, "let me in, it's me".
John... "what are you doing? I don't know you!"
Him.... "it's me, Jason! Now let me in!" and he tried forcing his way in.

Let's just say he smelled highly of the hair-of-the-dog.

John finally forced him out the door and locked it.
I was on the phone with 911 shakin' in my boots!

"A very drunk man tried to force his way into our house!".
"Do you have a description?".
"Jeans, plaid shirt and a baseball cap.... oh and he said his name is Jason!".
"Jason? Dick, they dropped Jason off at the wrong house. Sorry hon, we just picked him up from the Pig (aka Piggly Wiggly) and he must have told us the wrong address. We'll be right over to pick him up".
"Well, he's not here anymore!"

Did I mention the three feet of snow on the ground?
We felt as though he was just really drunk, caused a ruckus at the Pig and they called the police to take him home. We should probably try to go and find him while we waited for the police.
We checked everywhere outside and watched the cop car drive up and down the road, looking for Jason.
We were never told if they found him, and we never saw him again.
And were very thankful when the snow thawed there was no surprise!

The next day was balm to the wound...
I was in a sweet little linen shop buying a baby quilt for a good friend of mine who had a new born.

I was browsing around when I over heard the 80 something year old lady talking to the clerk about the engine light in the car coming on.

"Oh well, if I break down, someone will drive by and take me home."
She was not the least bit concerned about being stranded on the side of the road... after all, someone would come by... wow.

It took us a while, but now my family knows the same thing.
What a gift to live in a small community... well small in the winter, anyway.