Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Photo Shoot... Details, the Real Wedding...Serendiptiy.

To just skip the story altogether, or get the background on the story
 you can go to
The Magnolia Rouge Wedding Blog to see our work published. Published!!!!
Keep in mind, what you will see is the styled shoot, not the real wedding, which is below.
It's awesome!
The shoot was also published on a German wedding blog (which for some reason I can't get to link)... so I'm thinking we're an international sort of group here!  Little ole Door County... with a splash of Milwaukee.

At this site you can see exactly what we were working on and the "fruits" of our labor, and after you've seen it, this story makes more sense

To continue, and onto the "real wedding"...

Time was running short.  We had to get to Fish Creek and set up the Robert Wahl homestead.
Privately owned, with all the original buildings (including the silo with the police lookout) we knew this would add that prohibition look we were after.
Because we had a real wedding, we were in a time crunch.  I was panicked about the "bar/no bar"  that I had waxed poetic about.  Luckily some of our younger friends showed up and pitched in.
Joe stopped by the house, curious... he had a pick up.
"Joe!  We're loading!"  And somehow he just went with it.  We threw prop after prop in his truck, and mine... and off we went.
 Kari, Katie and I were in overdrive.
Clock is ticking.
 When we got to Fish Creek, we were so incredibly lucky to see that Jake and Claire (Ms. Sign Maker) were there just to get a look at the shoot.
It was clear to them immediately... pitch in, unload and set up!!!
Mosquitos were loving us and you could see the bug spray floating in the air. 
Props were flying, flowers were being placed everywhere and the camera was clicking away.

Jesse and Rachael were cool as cucumbers.  Honestly, they were so gracious and patient.
Click, snap get it done.  Whoop!

 And then it happened.

Please, no.

  We had forgotten to take a couple of very important shots in the orchard, and we knew the real guests were gathering.

As we all stood there dumbfounded, someone, I don't remember who, said "Let's go!".
We scrambled back to the house Molly, Kari and Helene were awesome at quickly resetting what was needed... all just within ear shot of the real wedding guests.

Then. It. Was. Done.

When we all agreed on a real wedding after, I told Rachael... get it organized, and on the day of the shoot none of us will be involved in the setting up of the real part... we'll shoot, have fun and then just show up knowing the real wedding is ready to go.

Joe and I pulled our trucks around to the back of the barn to unload, maneuvering the cars parked all over.  
I'm telling you, what happened next was magic.  Magic.
Joe and I were lugging a big table to put in the barn... we slid the big door open and could not believe what we saw.
People, in costume... in COSTUME, I tell you, everywhere.
Pinned striped Zoot Suits, flappers... hair and makeup over the top.
Drinks flowing, candles and lights blazing, conversations buzzing and smiling happy people everywhere to celebrate Jesse and Rachael.

Rachael and Jesse suggested dressing in prohibition style, and the guests took it to heart. 
At that point, I stopped unloading and went into the house.

I found Kari and Rachael getting ready for round two.
Being so caught up in the styled shoot, I had to regroup for a real wedding.
Rachael was sitting at my kitchen island, sipping a bit of bourbon, in her real wedding dress.
Kari was whispering advice and calming words to Rachael as she finished her hair and touched up her make up.
The contrast of my own feelings of being sweaty, exhausted, covered in bug spray and wind burned, to seeing our bride sitting there was so moving.
She was getting married.

Out we went to wait for our cues... and like Mama bears watching our cubs, Helene, Katie, Kari and I watched a beautiful wedding take place.

I was taken with Molly.  How she had changed into her professional wardrobe, was clicking away like the professional that she is taking care that she gets the best pictures she can of the wedding.  As if this was her only and most important duty of the day.

And here they are...






You know, you're only getting teaser pictures of this wedding.... because it was so glorious, it's going to be published as well.

And the chickens, remember the chickens?
As the chaos of family pictures, cocktails, music and general festivities were taking place, Kari came running over to me with outstretched hands.
I'll be damned.
That chicken laid an egg.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jenn and Dave... Destination Wedding from LA to Gills Rock.

I know Jenn's Mom.
I know Jenn's Dad.
Jenn.... I've vaguely and remotely watched her mature, and rung bells with her her through her early 20's into her early 30's. 
Another story altogether.
When someone recommended me as the stylist, she questioned "Bells, Angie?!?".
I'm always nervous about the first meeting with a bride... what's the personality?  I'm easy going and adaptable, what if she's not... and the groom?  
We clicked right away.  After a bit, it was very clear to me that the groom really wanted to be as much a part of this wedding and had some wonderfully creative ideas as well.  Their vision and the setting of the wedding is one I will never forget, and one I was thrilled to be a part of.
Tucked away in the woods.  A beautiful, beautiful log home, ceremony up a long path through the woods, eventually being seated in the most remote spot in Door County, most of us will never see.
 What I did not expect was just how talented Jennefer was.  I let her "borrow" this frame.  The lettering you see is all Jenn. 
 This was a wonderful idea.... after the ceremony, the guests are waiting and milling around while pictures are being taken.  Here you would take a polaroid of yourself, tape it into the guest book and sign it with good advice for a newly wedded couple.

 This was where the ceremony took place.  The altar back drop was actually the front of an old hunting shed that they were tearing down to get ready for the wedding, when Jenn said, "hmmm...".  Perfect.
The shepherd hooks held glass orbs with candles inside hanging from ribbons and flowers adorning the center.

Here you can see the layout of dinner.
Now, the truly important part... the real deal.

I will say, as the worker bee I was caught off guard when the toasts were being made.
Jenn's sister, Amy...  I had to stop picking up used glasses and just sit back and listen.
I'm not sure if you know that when you are young, have a sister and it's Christmas Eve... "you need more makeup because Santa is coming".
Amy had me, and the guests so tickled that at one point almost every guest was bent over laughing.
As a "behind the scenes person" it's a treasure to stop in your tracks and take notice.

How lucky am I... love, romance, family, food, decor, friends and loved ones in Door Coutny?
It doesn't get better.
I will never forget this one.
Photos by Braden Moran, Kay McKinley and me.