Sunday, January 30, 2011

Went to "Church" This Morning

I had the opportunity to sleep in this morning, and as usual, was up at 6am.
The sun wasn't quite up, but when I saw it start to blaze on the horizon, I decided to bundle up, get my camera and go to "church" right outside my house.
And I had some company.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Viva's Winter Facelift

While it's a little more quiet in the county this time of year, we have had the blessing of a beautiful snow fall.
Skiers, snow mobile enthusiasts, sledders and skaters are loving it and coming to Door County to enjoy it all.It's hard to bring in spring ideas yet when winter is so lovely right now. I just decided to do some neutrals up front, bedding, pillows and a few surprises.

In the back room I could not resist bringing out some of the florals. Lots of mix and match items in stock right now... a cheerful cottage, indeed.

It's not everyday you come across ironstone with pink trim.
It's the real deal, and how sweet is the vintage card?
Would make a great Mother's Day project, don't you think?

There is a nice assortment of Shelley Kyle perfumes, powders, soaps and lotions left.
These were a nice touch this year.

What fun... a little surprise tucked in.

And another...

Sweet little sayings.

This winter has just been lovely, even I have to admit.
Last night we went to T Ashwells for Mediteranian Night.
He opens the kitchen and serves the food from there, there's belly dancing and it's just an overall great time.
What a treat to venture out into the night air after, and be greeted by three inches of snow, no breeze in the air, just silence.

Not so silent, but charming in its own way are the winding lights of the snow mobiles in the dark that I can see from this very spot while I write.

Just another winter's night in Door County.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside, And We're Having a Ball! Why Don't You Join Us?

It may be -1 outside, but inside Viva we're doing a little jig about a big compliment we recieved.

Gracie's Cottage has asked it's readers to mention their favorite shops around the world, and we just happened to get a mention in the state of Wisconsin!
Whoop, whoop!

Want to add your favorites? Just visit Gacie's Cottage Blog and leave your fave on her comment section.

I have a few things to share... I know, everyone wants pictures, but frankly there's not a lot of new going on at the shop. While we still have great inventory and a really nice sale going on, I have found lots of ineterst outside of the shop.

That's not to say that I don't have a fabulous display idea just waiting to be put together!
I just need a little time.

I sometimes like to play tour guide of Door County, so here you go.

Fish Creek Winter Games are coming!
Feb. 4th, 5th and 6th.
This weekend is just full of fun things to do.
Frankly over the past few years I felt like Fish Creek had really dropped the ball on creating a fun weekend, but are are re-newed!

Here's a sampling of what the weekend will provide:

  • All day food and games

    Free Trolley rides

Snow Shoe Dance

Human Foosball Tournament

Candlelite Ski at Peninsula State Park

Door Idol (sells out fast!)

Ice Bowling

Toilet Seat Toss (something for everyone)

Kid's Kite Making

And one Fabulous Dance at Alexanders... tons of locals cutting loose, it's a sight to see!

Now that's all in Fish Creek... we will be open, and my goal is to have my new "display" ready by then. The Ice Rink in Sister Bay is cookin'. There's alway a great bonfire going, a warming house, skate rentals and snacks.

Hill 17 is open for some hair raising sledding.

You can rent cross country ski's from Ecology Sports... and grab some coffee and something delicious to eat while you're there.

And if you're looking to add a little spice to your Friday night Feb. 4th, there's a free Zumba Party at the Y in Fish Creek! A variety of instructors will lead and hour and a half party.

We'll boogie like no one's business, and yes, your's truly will be leading a few routines as well.

It's casual, friendly and even if you're a total spaz, no worries as everyone is so caught up in their own moves you don't notice anyone around you.

If you're around come on by... I've got some new pink pants with tassels to show off.

Friday, January 14, 2011

We Have A Winner!

The winner of the gorgeous Altered-Ever-After
necklace is
Julie Sikorski!
I'll be in touch and congratulations!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cha cha cha...

Wanna know what goes on in Door County on a Friday night in January?
60 plus people dancing their buns off at a Zumba party!
What a hoot, and I'm starting to feel a lot better.
While I won't be a certified instructor until this Saturday, the gals let me have
a go at three routines, and I have to say... not too shabby!
If you could have seen the crowd you would have loved it.
Very familiar faces.

For the moment, the shop is on "January". Let me translate:
Holiday is still up and I need to transform the front, with very little to work with.

It's too early to bring spring, but there sure needs to be a brighter spot.

After Zumba cleared my head, I did come up with a really fun idea, but you'll have to come by and see it in person.
(I'll post pictures later)

Ben has arrived safe and sound in Santa Fe to begin second semester, for those of you who've asked.

Don't forget to enter the give away... check the post below.

Now, off to practice my new moves.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Enough With The Violins, Let's Give Something Away!

Honestly, blog friends are for real.
Sweet comments, and phone calls and even a dear visitor today just checking in to see if I'm okay.
How could I not be with all of this that I'm so grateful for?
So, in keeping with the spirit, I'm giving away this fabulous Altered Ever After necklace.
140.00 value, and I'll ship it to you. How to win.... several categories
  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Become a follower
  3. Link to this post with your blog and let me know.
  4. Become a follower on Facebook
  5. Leave a comment on Facebook

Each catergory gives you an extra chance to win.

Drawing will be held Friday Jan 14th.

That's it!

This necklace is my personal favorite and the reason for sharing.

Be good to yourselves, and wish me luck at Zumba tonight!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year... Now What?

Usually, time of year I'm reading all kinds of articles about what fabulous things people will be doing during this new year.
Usually, I'm dreaming of the next season and what we're going to do bigger and better.
Usually, I've got a little bounce in my step, getting ready for markets and travel.
This year... not so much.
You know what stopped me in my tracks?
Curious Sofa in Kansas city is closing its doors.

I have followed Deb's blog for years.
She is the retailer of all time when it comes to creative ideas, displays and over the top events.
Frankly, I have stolen so many ideas from her it should be illegal.

Basically, she lost her mojo.
Just like me, since 2008, we have been treading water just to keep things going.
The hardest part has always been winter, but this is the first year I've looked at my bank account and wondered why I keep doing this.

What has kept me going, and I'm going to have to really rely on this one for the winter, is that when I walk into my shop, I feel light and bright and oh so happy to be there.
Then of course, I'm happy to share that with you and oh so glad to see you.
My thoughts for this year are going to have to be outside the box.

I have been contemplating adding event planning as a part of our business.
Everyone wants me to do it, I get asked all the time.
Then I think of contracts, differing opinions, spoiled brides, not to mention the Mothers.
Deposits, refunds, schedules and mistakes.

This equals stress to me.

Then I was reading the Raised In Cotton blog. Guess what she's adding to her business this year?
Event styling.
That's what they really want from me, to make the occasion look and feel the way they want.

The wheels are still turning on that one, but by late spring we'll be set to go.
This makes me thankful for Carol, and the magic that happened when Katie fell from the sky.

While my family is all in good health (thank you), we have had our own ups and downs over the past couple of years.
Not one big awful thing, just little knocks.... one right after the other.
Just when I'm ready to crawl under a rock, the skies have seemed to clear.
Obstacles that the boys have faced are resolving, challenges my husband has had are smoothing out, and I've discovered Zumba.
(did you do a double take?)
Right, me too.
Last spring, on a fluke my BFF and walking pal happened upon a woman in the Y doing Zumba all by herself. Music cranked, she was going to town.
She saw us spying and invited us in.
January 15th, I will become certified as an instructor and will be teaching classes.
I know, right?
Did you see that one coming?
So this Friday night at the Sister Bay Village Hall will be a free Zumba party, hosted by four different instructors... they are letting me lead three routines.

So things have been rough at the shop financially, tricky times at home, and just overall feeling heavy from the weight of it.

I think the bounce in my step will return, soon I'll be dreaming of a new season with a better outlook and it may all be due to just shaking my a#!
Thanks for the vent.