Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today, Happiness and a Full Heart... Getting Back to it.

Was today fun or what?!
I finished the decorating late yesterday afternoon, looked at it pleased, but wary.   Every year I wonder if anyone is going to show up to this "Winter Wonderland" shin dig.  This may have been our most successful one yet.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

This season has been a bit... I don't know... off, weird, stressful, burned out.  Knowing that we are closing has not exactly been a motivator for me to be the shop keeper I know I can be, and have been. I have just been off/down this season.
 But today, that was fun.  It felt like old times at Viva.

I spent the week with the doors closed, tunes cranked and merchandise to display however my heart desired, and I was back.

I remembered what is was like to flirt with the older gentlemen so their wives could shop in peace, engage in chit chat with people checking out only to learn about so many interesting lives (and the stories we hear!).  To watch Carol engage, roam through the shop and hear her yacking it up with customers while putting things back into place.  Sharing wildlife stories (from the beginning we have had more than our fair share).  To see and listen to the regulars, knowing their stories and all to eager to see them and catch up... It's all gold to me.

Not long ago I read an article about soul restoration and re-claiming your life.  The exercise was a six week course on getting back to yourself... your soul.  The woman who wrote it was rising and shining straight up the corporate ladder, yet felt no joy or excitement about what she was doing... no dear and magic moments were happening in her life.  
The course basically walks you back to the simplicity of who you are at the core.
You know what her soul restoration was?  To be surrounded by loved ones.  To talk.  To share time with girlfriends.  To make art.  To spend time with her husband and children.  To laugh.
These were the things closest to her heart, that made her thrive and be happy... to soar!
For all to be well with the world.
Is she rich?  No.  Is she in rich?  Yes.

Not to say climbing the corporate ladder is wrong, for some it's exactly right.
This  has made me think more than anything lately.  I have been lost for a couple of years, stressed with the things in life that happen to us all, and have been on a scary path letting my anxiety get the best of me.
Realizing that for my heart to thrive and be at it's happiest, I need to be around people.   To laugh. To work on a project as a team.  To have a team full of excitement engaging in the same goal, even if the goal is to just help someone in the simplest of ways or style the hell out of an event.  To say things to uplift, and let others uplift me!  To be alone at times.  To let my heart light shine.  I looked people in the eye today, made jokes, and just got back to being me (which has been gone for a while).
Am I going to have a big bank account with these things?  No.
Am I going to be rich?  Yes.

With all the stress and pressure society puts on, and expects from us, who'd have thought that just being who you are, at the simplest level would actually bring you to being the happiest person you have JUST WANTED TO BE, and basically thrive!

That being said, tomorrow is a different day.  Almost everything is priced to move.  The crowd will gather and chaos could possibly ensue!  I am more than excited to engage in the activity.

Let's just all have a good time, laugh, high five and love each other.

Sweetest of dreams, and may all of us peel away the nonsense of pressures and stresses that hold no meaning, turning it into a day of pure sweetness and fun.



  1. Congratulations, Angie! That was a brave and insightful post and you touched my heart. Sometimes just getting back to having some fun brings out the comfortable ease we miss. Retail people are a unique breed and there is nothing like sharing your passion and vision with others. Enjoy the chaos of today! XX

    1. And I did enjoy it! There was a wonderful buzz all day and tons of happy chatter and visitors.
      Today I slept till 9am (and I don't really sleep well) and I'm going to focus on making it a great day... and you do the same.
      It touches my heart that you left such a lovely comment, thank you.

  2. Angie - Although I have never met you, I have been a dedicated follower of your blog for quite some time. I too had to make a decision much like you, after owning a floral and gift shop for 30 years, I felt much the same as you, no one knows or understands the sacrifices one has when they have their own business, the hours, the dedication, all the hard work that goes into making your business successful. Unfortunately retail has changed so much in the past several years, as I told my customers, if things were the way they were in the 80's and 90's I would stay another 30 years - unfortunately they are not. I closed my shop 7 years ago, I now have a booth in a Quaint Antique shop in town and occasionally still doing flowers but out of my home, (I brought a cooler home and fixed up a corner of my garage) My loyal customers still call but know I now need a couple of days notice to fulfill their orders. I am as busy as I want to be and loving the freedom, without all the stress. As hard as it is at the time, you won't regret your decision - Change is good, it is now time for you to move into a new direction and take time to smell the Roses. Wishing you the best in your new endeavor.

    1. Thank you so much for you heartfelt words! As rough and crazy this weekend was, I feel very peaceful today and know that I am making the right decision. Sounds like you have made a nice niche for yourself and I hope to do the same.
      I appreciate you following my blog and one of my goals is to be more active with it in the not to distant future!
      Thanks again,


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