Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creative Gift Idea

My good friend, Debbie is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.
Brunch at the White Gull and then bowling.
A lot of you know Debbie... she owns the best clothing store in the county,
Magic Jacket. She's also an artist. Deb knows that I'm always on the hunt for vintage ephemera and asked me to be on the look out for old photos.
John and I took a day on Thursday to spend some time together before his big trip to China.
I thought it would be fun to spend a bit of that time treasure hunting for Debbie's gift.
I cannot tell you how lucky I am the we both enjoy the hunt and could do it every day!
Guess who spied this little goodie?
When I got it into the light it was waaaaaaaay dirtier than I knew and I spent a lot of time scrubbing.... but check it out!Here's what we filled it with...
great photos... all of ladies.
This rusty little tin, scrubbed it up and filled it...

with these... sorry to Steve, Debbie's husband who may regret a couple of them.

You know when you see a booth that is so tacky, and everything is in a stapled baggie?
It pays to check it out!

I'm not normally drawn to theses mags, but Debbie has quite the sense of humor
and I couldn't resist.

....snicker, snicker..


Really neat art corners in different shapes, and a cattle tag that has a magic number on it!

After the scrubbing, I filled it with shreds from an old book.

Had fun wrapping and placing all the vintage goodies.

Then tagged it with a card that says... Don't fall in love with a girl because she has a pretty costume, buy the costume- it's cheaper.
How great!

Hope she likes it!


  1. What a great idea for a gift! Those gifts are so meaningful to someone because of the thought that you put into it. She will love it! I am so fond of those cow tags!

  2. What a lucky friend - won't she have fun going thru each item in that terrific bag!!
    Cool beans!


  3. love this gift. so sweet and thoughtful.

    please feel free to use the red cross image and link. the situation in japan is truly unbelievable... anything, anyone can do to help.

    i'm so glad your husband is ok, and will be coming home shortly (and safely).

    wishing you both the best.

  4. This reveal was worth waiting for. She is fortunate to have such a creative friend.


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