Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meet and Greet, New Neighbors!

After watching the Packers whoop another team, and it just being a cool and lazy Sunday, I thought it was high time to go and introduce myself to our new neighbors.
At first it sounded like a bunch of winy, crying toddlers had moved in but I was wrong.
They caught site of me......and made a very curious and quick trot out to meet me.
(fyi, goats do not jump fences and trample innocent women to death)

Is there a goat pecking order? If so, the all black one is head honcho.

These goats are so cute and very chatty. Very chatty and didn't want me to leave.

Even the head honcho begged me to stay a bit longer.
These cuties belong to a relation with the initials J and J... and are supposedly going to be a part of a new cheese shop, supposedly in a town with the initials S and B.
Go Pack.

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  1. So lovely to meet the neighbors. I am glad you introduced yourself. (My present post is about how well do you know the neighbors.)
    Remember, wonderful soap is also made from goats milk!


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