Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Some Shots of What's in the Shop Now.

Well, hear we go into fall... it got here just last night! Boy did the weather ever cool down.
Also, the county is very sleepy... not due to lack of people, due to the fact that half of us were up around 3am, wondering what part of our houses were on fire.
Come to find out this morning that all of Northeast WI. can smell the smoke from the wild fires in Minnesota.
Sending good thoughts to MN, and hope it gets under control soon.
I thought I'd just share some pictures of what' new in the store.
Enjoy!New jewels from Tara Zimmerer!

A fun find in the dish department.

Scarf and pin by Neesh.

La Vie!

Soaps by Lepi, this is what makes the shop smell so good.

More La Vie!

Fresh round of frames.

Vintage airline dishes.

And of course, more silly cards!

Have a great day!

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