Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland Pic.. no s... And a Day With the Animals!

Well folks, here it is. The only picture I have of the show.
This is the checkout, and it was like this for hours.
It was a wonderful day and our biggest sales day of the season. I'm just really sorry that I couldn't get out from behind the counter long enough to get some pictures for those of you who weren't there and have asked.
(The line was impressive!)Since I have the day off, John and I decided to take a chunk of the afternoon just to play with the animals. A lot of you know Mr. Bill, our tiny stray that showed up last August. Me the non-cat person took him to the local vet who adopts out cats. I took one look at the other cats there and took him right back home. He also has a great friend, Lafe, who was brought to me when a friend of mine found her in the middle of the road just bawlin... she's here too!
Mr. Bill knows when the camera is on him, check it out.

He fell and flipped and flopped until he got a grip. He's only a foot off the ground.
Clearly, he's very entertaining.

Working it for the camera.

Me and my gal Lafe... what a gorgeous fall day it is.

There is no point in picking her up, however if you will get on the ground with her, she's all yours.
And, we have dogs!
I love throwing apples for Bishop, it's his favorite thing in the world.

Trapper... he's never still. EVER. I managed to get these two seconds snapped and he's off to chase more turkeys.

John and Bishop.

Bishop! Oh that dog is a good little "poser"! Always ready for the camera.
Just look at that face.
What a fun afternoon.

I hope this day finds you doing simple, wonderful things.


  1. OMG!*!*! Sooooo Happy that YOU had a FaB Day!!! Makes me want to shop your NEXT HoLiDay Market!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

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