Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Being ZIN, Six Long Months Ahead and What Would You Do?

Do you ever wonder what it's like to really live in Door County year round?
If you are in retail, it's basically about being able to adjust... and adjust... and adjust.... and then do it again.
It's windy and cold out.
It's dark at 4:30.
I have had a lot of down time due to the tourist season being over.
Actually transitioning from being over the top busy, to having no "busy" at all is a real challenge.
The flowers in the gardens are all put to a winter's rest.
I say my good bye's to Peter, the caretaker of the gardens at the shop,
(and many other endearing things I could call him)
knowing I won't see him again until April.
Carol and I work only a day or two during the week.
The heaters crank up, as does the bill.
While we are planning on a big event at the shop Nov. 25th, it's just plain quiet.
I know a lot of people wonder what it must be like to only work May through October, and have so much time off during the winter.
There is certainly an up-side... if you've had a profitable season.
(we're alright, thanks)

The other side of that is having that next six months in front of you.
We're empty nesters.
Not complaining.
However, all the school activities that kept us moving and socializing are all kaput.
(somehow, we're good with that as well).
Still... the next six months.
What to do?

A couple of years ago, out of desperation for company and fun, I decided to try a Zumba class at the Y.
Hell, I was a Planoette... surely I could Zumba!
(google Planoettes people, you'll see what I mean)
And Zumba I did.
Last February, I got my certification and have been teaching classes ever since.
Zumba Instructor Network.
Okay, so you pay your 30 bucks a month and get new music and routines, but it's really about making it your own. You know, if you can't build a class it's not gonna work, and I have made all the mistakes a new instructor could.
That being said, I feel a bit like a teenager again. When John is out of town on a business trip, I'm glued to the music, learning the steps, and you might even catch me with a hair brush for a microphone in front of the mirror movin' and groovin'.
It's just plain fun, and I feel like I have found a bit of myself that was put aside to do more grown up things.

Another thing you might not know about me is that I am the Handbell choir director at the Sister Bay Moravian Church.
I cringe a little at saying this because the only reason I'm the director is that our original director had to take a leave of absence due to an ill parent.
But again, you know what? It's so much fun. Music was a very, very large part of my life growing up and all of a sudden it's come back to me as a gift.
The bell choir might say different as my instruction is sometimes "the beat is ba ba baba, doink doink, ba ba ba ba".
By the way, we have a "Greatest Hits CD coming out next month!
(no we don't)

I love Viva la Cottage, yet know that I pretty much put it to rest at the end of every November.
That's okay.
I'll Zumba, ring hand bells, go to market for the shop and be rejuvenated for the next season, yet once again.
One strange thing, being on Face book, I know that none of my childhood or high school friends would be at all surprised that I teach Zumba or direct the hand bell choir.
I'm curious.
If you had six cold winter months ahead of you, what talents do you have that would resurface and make you happy?

Zumba love,
(cause that's what we say)

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  1. Thanks for sharing Angie...
    My 6 months in a nut shell: STILL HAULING SHABBIES in sleet... snow.. rain...
    Jeanine Burkhardt


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