Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

That last post sounded like my speech for receiving an Oscar. I practiced it over and over in front of the mirror with a hair brush in my hand... I really want to thank all the little people that made me so fabulous!!!
I have to admit, I have a serious case of the "post wedding decorating" blues. Not only that, while our season isn't over, it is that time of year when the week days get really quiet, kids are all going back to school and frankly, I've got a bad case of the ho-hums, or maybe I should say a bad case of not knowing what to do next.

It's not like there isn't anything to do... our holiday event it coming up in October, the shop needs fall decorations, and I should be ordering away.
Oh well, I'm off to work and usually when I open the front door, the smell and lightness cheer me right back up.

Ah, look! There it is in action!
Okay, make it a great day everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nick Loves Emily...

Well, here you go! These are all pictures of the set up. You will see some amazing photos through the eyes of Molly Michael at m.three studio
in about a month. I can't wait to see how those turned out, she is quite amazing as you'll see when you click on her site.
So here is the set up gang.... and we still look pretty good! John is taking the pic, Dan, Dianne (mom and dad), and Katie. Let me tell you the magic behind this... we all bring something different to the table, and that's what made this work.
Carol had to hold the fort down at the shop, but she took care of business and helped in all the ways that made it easier for us to be here.
Lots and lots of pics... enjoy!Two trailers, two trucks and a car loaded and on our way.

There were tons of hand painted signs at this wedding and Claire was our go to girl!

In the tent Em wanted several seating vignettes so it was more of a vintage-y lounge and bar area before dinner. Scored at Scand resale, but needed some updating.

John cut, Claire painted!

Well hello my lovely! A little white washing and it's a piece of art!

Again, a little white wash and add some vintage fringe... voila!

We've finally arrived at Wood Walk Gallery, which is staged in the loveliest old barn and the surroundings are spectacular. We watched this storm for two days.

Here is Katie setting up the photo booth. It was set in a horse stall, which was just perfect. Lots of props and signs which made for tons of mugging and laughing.

We tied ribbons on the bride and groom's chairs as well as the parents.

The seating was on hay bales and we had to cut lots of fabric... let's just say that was a tricky one.

Here's Dianne. We filled buckets with gravel, put in shepherds hooks, and hung mason jars with candles in them. Then we covered them with potato sacks and topped with white geraniums.
This is where the guests were dropped off from the trolley.

Classic string lights in the tent. John and Dad worked their magic.

Here comes the hay! A million thanks to Schartner's just out of Egg Harbor. I know they thought we were nuts to want to sit on hay, but they were delightful and the delivery time couldn't have been better.....

because the wedding party was here for rehearsal and there was lots of help to get it unloaded.
By the way, we will NEVER work with hay again.

Props for the photo booth.

This is where the ceremony took place. The wind wreaked havoc on the fabric, but once the ceremony started it was laying down just perfectly.

I can't even say the words as to how beautiful the flowers were. Just look at them.
Helene of Flora

There were two of the stands at the beginning of the aisles.

I also have to mention Sarah from Flour Girl Pattisiere.
I don't have a photo of the cake, but will get one. You cannot believe how gorgeous it was and tasted even better.

Katie setting up the bar area. This was awesome and I can't wait for you to see the after pictures.

This was fun. We painted the seating assignments on old windows, then attached them to the outside of the barn where they would enter.

We strung photos of Nick and Emily when they were younger, then their engagement photos throughout the rest of the lines.

We were getting a little frenzied because we had barely started the inside of the barn where they would be eating. Carol showed up early and helped move things along.

Just starting to pull some of the seating areas together. Just wait till you see the end result!!

Em had requested bug spray and we had totally forgotten to pick some up. Mom ran to the store, came back with five bottles of the stuff and put a pot of geraniums on the stump and arranged the bug spray in the pot. It was pretty cute.

It pays to have friends. Sharon Elliot had this fabulous truck and we were able to surround it with props for photo taking after the ceremony. (all these pics are unfinished, darn it!)

Good grief, we're finally getting on with the dinner and dance setting!
Carol and Katie are trying their hardest to get the correct seating because we had to shift the tables at the last minute (it helps to measure).
Also, make sure you click on these pics inside the barn to make them larger and see better detail.

Here is Mom, Ben and Alli. Mom was in charge of napkin folding and putting the cushions on the chairs (for the moment anyway!).
The caterer announced that the silver ware was dirty and needed polishing!!! What?!?
Enter Ben and Alli... shine away, kids.
(can you stand the chandies above the dinner tables and the old fashioned string lights above the dance floor?!)
Oh and about those tables? Em wanted wooden tables. No plastic and no linens to the floor just to cover them up. These are all hand made by my Dad. All ten of them!
They are a huge part of what made the dinner area so special.

This was the only moment where I felt like we weren't going to make it in time.
Helene and her crew (in the background) asked if we needed any help.... can you lay out the silver ware?! Sure! Honestly, I know there aren't many venues in the world where separate vendors help out the other. It pushed us back on schedule.

Emily's arrival. Lord help me, here she comes. After a year and a half of planning and 48 hours of finally putting it together without her being there was too much.
(I have to tell you there are two unattractive photos in the post, one being the girl on the right... sorry, because she had the biggest and prettiest smile I've ever seen and I was charmed to pieces by her)

And here is the other not so pretty picture. But you know why I had to post this? It's because this was the exact moment when she walked into the barn, and the next second the tears were flowing... we made her dreams come true.
Now I'm going to start crying all over again.

So, at midnight after all my work was done, John and I started to leave with the dancing still going strong, and this is what I turned to see...

A happy bride who's vision had been met.

Side notes.... I'm really mad about not getting any pics during the wedding, but I was on duty and it was impossible. I will post the "real deal" photos when Molly sends them to me.

It felt as though the Wood Walk Gallery had become our home of sorts. We spent all day Friday setting up, got there at 8am on Saturday and didn't leave until midnight.
Allin and Margaret were more than gracious. Whatever we needed Allin was right there. Around Margaret's beautiful art and gallery was where the dinner was to take place, so we really invaded the gallery. Thanks Margaret for letting us be a part of your space.

We went back Sunday to clean up. I let Katie off the hook for that one. It took us five hours.
We went to grab some lunch and all agreed we were really sorry it was over with.

It dawned on me today, that it was a bit like going to camp, bonding with other vendors and people we had never met before and spending a short but intense amount of time with these people.

There was real magic in the fact that nothing and I mean nothing went wrong.

Also magic was that the team of Viva, which included my parents Dan and Dianne, my husband John (who through the diva card), Katie who set up most of the vignettes and Carol who helped coordinate and keep the shop running, was the strength in our abilities. Where ever one was weak, the was one who was strong! I love doing the display work and I had to hand so much of it over to Katie and she really pulled through for me.
John and Dad who were the construction, and electrical go to guys.
And Mom, who took every single detailed, never ending chore and did it with a smile

More magic, Helene of Flora and her team and Sarah from Flour Girl... combined with the barn and surrounding... I want to do it all over again!

And to Carol... if I didn't have you none of this would ever be possible.

We think we're ready to make a real go of this... the difference being that next time Katie and I are going to strut around tapping our pencils on our clipboards and just plain bossing every one around... and no more hay.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stay in the moment.... stay in the moment....

It's here. The Wedding.
The entire clan is in the county and we are running like crazy.
I have so much to tell you, like going to Elkhorn and Magnolia Pearl giving me a call
(I'll fill you in later), but right now there is only one thing going on.
The Wedding.
Nick and Emily.
It's going to be beautiful, just like the couple.We've had some intense, funny, confusing, delightful, unexpected, loooong and surprisingly easy, yet busy couple of weeks.
Can't tell you how thankful I am that we always keep our senses of humor about us, and I can't wait to tell you who played the first DIVA card. No, it wasn't the bride.
So wish us all luck, and I promise a great story early next week.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friends of Viva Trunk Show This Saturday!

Friends of Viva Trunk Show also features this!
Yes, tables outside in the garden, when you just need to take a break from all the shopping.
Hope to see you there!
Viva la Cottage
10038 Hwy 57
Sister Bay