Sunday, January 1, 2012

Warm Wishes and An Invitation for Some Winter Fun!

Yes, I am here on New Year's Day just working away.

However, I don't mind because just when I get a little down in the mouth about facing the winter, the shop being a little slim on inventory and nothing creative to look forward to, a little light bulb goes off!

And guess what? I've come up with and idea to make a February weekend into a ladies weekend full of wonderful things to do!

If you haven't guessed by now, I do my best work at the last minute.

Some might go running for the hills when faced with a project this large and just around the corner, but not me... bring it!

As of Tuesday, I will have more things nailed down and will fill you in, but let me leave you with this little teaser...

Friday evening Vintage Market with luminaries, wine, food and fabulous shopping,

Saturday, Zumba, art projects, spa treatments, catered lunches, more art and capping off the evening with a formal dance... which means we're getting dolled up and dancing. I may pull out that formal I've never worn, or I may make myself a paper dress to wear... hey, best prize for most unique dancing duds!

So while I'm watching the snow and 35mph winds, I'm all warm and toasty dreaming of the fun we're gonna have, just around the corner!


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