Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Nest of Door County Show, This Coming Weekend!

So happy to tell you that we have another of our imtimate Vintage Nest shows coming up Feb. 18th and 19th, here at the shop from 10 to 5.

Our usual gang is on hand to make you think spring will truly be on the way with fresh inventory of vintage decor and accessories.

One new treat is that Small Town Vintage will be featuring an Art Bar.

I'm thrilled with this idea of all things small and vintage to bring new life to your art projects.

Trust me you'll be inspired!

If you'd like to make a weekend of this, at the bottom of this post would be my recommendations to make this a complete and inspired weekend, even when you think there's very little to do here in the county this time of year!

We hope you'll join us for eats and drinks as you shop, become inspired and have a great time in the county!

Where to stay:

Lodgings of Pioneer Lane in Ephiam
Birchwood Lodger in Sister Bay

Saturday morning....

Take a Zumba class at the Sister Bay Village Hall at 8am
(5 bucks, taught by me)

Eat breakfast at the Chef's Hat in Ephriam
(my fave... freshly made and don't miss the scrambles)

Vintage Nest Show at Viva, 10am! (duh)

Head back to Ephriam (I know a short cut) and hit the Blue Dolphin
for a more contemporary, artistic shopping experience.

Mosey on over to Pipka's in Sister Bay
(her intimate shop is chock full of her own jewelry and other inspiring decor)


Drive to the north end of Sister Bay and eat lunch at Base Camp
Lovely light lunches, coffees and home made sweets.
(I enjoy the Rural Lunch. A small cup of soup, a baguette, two cheeses, butter and fruit... (hence the Zumba)

Walk upstairs to shop the finest outdoor gear and apparell in the county.


If you skipped Zumba and are looking to be active, head to Peninsula State Park for great hiking... not much snow, but the hiking is still fabulous and the views stunning with leafless trees!
Also check to see if the ice rink in Sister Bay is open (if we get warmer weather, it closes). There is always a roaring fire, and skates can be rented.

For some fabulous pampering make an appointment at the Spa at Sacred Grounds in Epriam.
Go online here to check out what kind of spa experience you'd enjoy.

This could possibly be a good nap time....

Saturday Evening...

Okay, I have several favorites, so take your pick...

For boisterous fun, Mexican food and margs, make a beeline to JJ's at the south end of Sister Bay. John and I love to eat at the bar. We'll have a couple of drinks, yak it up with Dave the bartender and see pretty much everyone we know.

For a nicer dinner, a drive to Fish Creek is a must.

The Whistling Swan never fails to satisfy.
Delicious, delicious food and a fabulous wine list. An upscale restaruant with a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

For some silly, or possibly serious fun, you must end the evening at the Sister Bay Bowl.
A very traditional supper club with a bowling alley.
Bowl, laugh and have a drink from the bar.
Very old school.

Sunday morning....

Breakfast at the White Gull (hello) in Fish Creek.
Go ahead and eat the best breakfast in America (cherry stuffed french toast, as awarded by Good Morning America), or if you had a little to much fun at the bowl, the Nice Guy Hash (imagine an order of hash browns basically fried in a stick of butter topped with peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream) for the salty carb fix, which is usually what I order :).

One clothing shop not to miss is the Magic Jacket in Fish Creek. Seriously.
Artsy, fun, entertaining, drop dead gorgeous (and if Debbie the owner is working that day, another bonus) clothing for all shapes and sizes. Top of the line fun.

If at this point you are heading home and need a couple of fixes south before you go....

Something Fishy in Egg Harbor.
Tons of hand bags and jewelry. I always leave with something.

Monticello in Sturgeon Bay is a must see. Just hop off the main drag and head to Jefferson Street for a fabulous and inspired collection of women's accessories, books, gifts and so much else!

Well, come on up! We're hoping you'll join us in the fun and enjoy a winter get away at a time of year when the county is stunning, in a very different way.

Stop in!


  1. Angie-
    This is a great site! Well done and it sounds exactly like you would actually say it in person.
    Kaaren Northrop

  2. Angie... looks like a wonderful event.
    just wondering if you will be accepting new vendors for the Summer Flea 2012
    would love to hear from you. We met at Elkhorn last year and I would LOVE to be there!
    @ opendoorstudio


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