Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Market, Lots of "Lasts" Except For One.

Lots of lasts.
The last of going to market during winter.
The last Memorial Day Weekend rush that is so needed to help pay bills from the winter.
The last June where we cry all day and wonder where all the customers have gone.
The last shock of July 4th when we can't turn left onto any road due to all the tourists, and the last of watching my July bank account fill back up.
The last of lots of "Carols" as well.
We also have lots of personal "lasts" coming up.  As for me and my family we've hit a spot where a lot of letting go has to be done to get to that bright shiny spot we need to be in.  We're all healthy, and no need to feel sorry for us, some change in the winds.... I'll save that for another time, and I'm sure you will nod your head and say "yes" we've been through that.

However, there is one "Last" that won't happen.
Viva's Vintage Market.
Yesssssss.  My favorite thing.  FAVORITE.
While I thought I would be so organized with cards in hand to pass out about where our market will be next year, it has not been that easy!  
Several locations have been scouted, and frankly I have not been able to decide on one.
So, forget about it.
This Saturday is the real deal... and over the winter I will mount a campaign strictly devoted to the Vintage Market, and you will have no questions!
So, here we go!
See you Saturday.


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