Friday, July 20, 2012

Viva's Vintage Market Photos

 I love this picture of Carol, Jeanine and I, and I don't like pics of me AT ALL.
 I loved Martha and all her goodies... I scored a fabulous blue and red wicker table from her, just for me.
 Loved Anne!  She is a little spitfire of a gal, and warm as all get out.  I doubt she's ever met a stranger, and I scored two large white suitcses from her!
 Katie truly has the gift of display... I've hired her to do just that in my own shop, and yes I took all the credit.  (not really)
 Carol had a true vintage tent!  All of her items were displayed in and around, it was a real eye catcher.
Below are links to see other images, and get to know the vendor in a better way.
Jeanine from Chippy Shabby took most of these pictures, BTW!
OpendoorStudio... on face book.

Will post others as time goes by!

Thanks to all the participants whether buying or selling, you always make it a lovely day!

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