Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hold it, hold it... tilt and suck it in... there!

So.  Some new Neesh came in.  I was having a hard time getting good pics of it so I decided to go into the dressing room and put it on myself.
There's this really cool shortish, tulle skirt which is really perfect for layering and I look FABULOUS in it.
Just get in there and snap.  Well, when I looked through the lens... I looked different than I felt, shall we say.
So with a little tilt  and "suck it in" work, not to mention the camera covering up the wrinkles.. there you go!
I look like I felt!
However, you can't see the skirt.
You can tell by the angle of my feet and knees I was working it.
Sigh, we'll get to the arms at another session.

And hey, here's lifting anyone up struggling with illness, stress, sorrow and anything else that is keeping your world from working just right.
Please say a prayer for Bo Johnson... and his Mom Annika.
(their world is a very uncertain and frightening place right now).
Just trying to keep something feeling normal...

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