Sunday, November 11, 2012

Viva's First Event of the Season of 2013... Set!

Mark you calendar for our very first special event and sale for Saturday, May 25th of Memorial Day weekend at 10am sharp!
I knew the location would be perfect because there is decent parking and a gorgeous space.
We've also held some very special family and friend events here as well.
The Barn.
After second guessing myself a million times, the right idea finally unfolded.  Frankly, I needed to be able to produce something wildly creative, interesting, tons a great things for sale and inspiration to abound.
Not only will the barn be filled with wonderful vintage and hand made items, we will also have the Lepi soaps, Heart's Desire Linen clothes, and the gorgeous glass frames you've bought from us in the past.
Since you know we are going more into the event styling business, we will also have a few very special vignettes for you, so you can see that other part of what we do.
(top secret until that day!)
It gets better... we are going to reopen the tea bar!  Yes right in the barn, hot and cold drinks, cupcakes, scones and all kinds of treats.  
Closing the shop has been hard and draining to say the least... today I received the gift of the "next" thing...
and we all applauded in agreement.

Now I'm out of here... plans are flowing!


  1. Yay!! This will be great... I just know it, as all your events are. Cannot wait to see the end result. It will be fab.

  2. I've already put it on my calendar for next year! So excited!

  3. Yeah! Marked ours too! so excited for you ! congrats on the " unfolding" !
    have a very Merry Christmas!


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