Thursday, August 29, 2013

Say Yes to the Paper Dress!

Debbie Frank, former owner of the Magic Jacket, and I were dreaming up some fun things to do a couple of years ago.  Wouldn't it be fun to make paper dresses... get a group together to make paper dresses... have a paper dress workshop.... have artists make paper dresses.... have it in the barn... this should be a fundraiser.
So you can see, it has evolved a bit!
Here are the details:
The event starts at 5:30.
Nistebox, which is a fabulous food truck that makes everything fresh and from scratch, will be set up behind my barn selling their food.  You can make dinner of it, no cooking for you!
They will donate a portion of their sales to We Are HOPE.
We Are HOPE.... Helping Others Prosper and Excel.
Please click on the link to see all the wonderful things they do for folks around Door County who just need some help getting their lives back on track.
Around 6:00 there will be a short presentation from HOPE describing what they do, and then our emcee, Dennis Lonstine will let you know just how the silent auction will work, and a bit about how this evolved.

Then, literally, we will drop the curtains and the viewing and bidding will begin!
This will be a silent auction, and every single penny we raise will go directly to HOPE.

We know that not everyone has deep pockets to bid on dresses, so we are asking for a 5.00 donation at the door.  We want everyone to be able to see the dresses, and afford to give a little something.

We've contacted some of our favorite artists from around the county, as well as just some plain, over the top creative sorts to make these dresses.

I hope you can join us... Debbie and I have had some serious fun with this... and you know my barn is going to be tricked OUT!!

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