Monday, July 22, 2013

Viva's Vintage Market Set Up On Friday... Hot Temps, And Hotttie Me At 51.

Every year I have everyone set up their tents Friday between 4pm and 6pm.  Some can't make it, but let me know and we work out the details.
One of our new vendors (who had never even done a show before) wanted to know if he could come earlier.  I said sure, thinking I would set up my own tent and just be available to help others when they arrived.
I was the first to arrive and started unloading the tent, tables and basic props that I would store overnight.  Actually, I was really proud of myself... I set up my own tent and unloaded with no help.
Man, was it hot... and sticky.

I look up and another vendor has shown up with several friends in tow to help.  She had one of those really big tents that measures 10x20.  They were all fussing and directing, but got it up.  It was very clear I could just stay out of it.
About ten minutes later, out of the corner of my eye I saw some blinking lights, not thinking much about it.  A few minutes later an ambulance pulled up... right there.  EMT's jumped out and I went running over.  One of the ladies was laid out on a blanket... heat stroke.
After a thorough exam, it was decided she needed to go to the hospital.  

Quite a few first responders showed up, which was more than reassuring.
After she was loaded into the ambulance, I talked to one of the gentlemen responders asking him what would happen... and the weirdest thing happened.

He glanced down at my chest, back up and quickly made eye contact, saying "two hours of fluids and she'll be good as new".  
Very reassuring, but he did look at my chest, I kid you not.

What kind of first responder takes a quick "lookie look" when someone's health is in jeopardy?

Not the first person to be caught trying to check it out... although it's been a while.

In the meantime more vendors start showing up, everyone pitches in to help raise tents and the overall camaraderie ensues.  (This was the happiest and friendliest bunch of vendors)

I had been debating whether or not to unload a really large mirror that was in the back seat of my truck... someone might take it over night.

Oh, why not.  There will be more room in the morning for loading the rest of my stash.

It measures about 2 1/5 by 4 feet.  Ornate, with a gold floral frame.  Heavy.
I pull it out (alone, thank you) and start walking over to my tent.
My hands were on each of the longer sides with the mirror resting on my chest.  Walk, walk, one two three... keep going, you're almost to the tent.  That's when I noticed the mirror sticking to my chest, and "bouncing" along to the rhythm of my steps.  I gingerly set the mirror down, step back, notice that whole neck thing, then the horror struck.

Boob sweat.

  Proof not only on my shirt, but the mirror as well if you know what I mean.
From my mid section... up and over my shoulders, down my back, but only to a certain point.
I realized that every piece of "clothing" I had on from the waist up was soaked, and that paramedic couldn't help but worry.
It was then I remembered him saying to me, "now make sure you are drinking plenty of water, take care".


I was torn between crawling in a hole, laughing at it all or just letting denial be my friend, that he didn't notice at all... hence his "looking".  Oh well.

More later on the market itself and just how happy it was.
I went to bed that night pleased as punch, feeling lucky for the truly special vendors that were there, just bringing it.

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  1. That's a funny story! I had fun at your event. I would like to be a vendor. I put on an event in our town called Ringle Harvest Day. I know the effort put into pulling one of these off. We usually have close to 100 vendor spots. It is in October - no heat stokes then. Blessings from Ringle, WI.


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