Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrating The Holiday Door County Style

A couple of things came into play when I decided to publish this post.
First of all, after telling my best gal Carol that we had between 40 and 50 "young adults" at the house last night for an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest, she was surprised to know that there were that many kids in the county.

he other item was a certain blog that I follow (BB), where she put a dream worthy post about the Christmas Tea that she and her four beautiful daughters have each year. Everyone adorns lovely outfits, the girls help out, the food is so enticing and the tea features a special visit from Santa.
Before I continue, one of the many reasons I follow BB is because I don't have a daughter. I love my boys... so much, but there are times that I just wish I had a daughter... you know, skipping those years where they hate their Mothers... to just chat with, hang with and to create special memories, but I don't.
Oh, and one more thing, this is how the college kids in Door County put on a party, at our house.
Allow me to present "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party"... sigh.Sammy won a prize. Only in Wisconsin.

A close up shot of Ben's hand made ugly sweater... clever.

Ugly sweaters, but darling girls... you might find it interesting to know that these girls have families in DC that are postmasters, organic farmers, innkeepers and teachers.

Sometimes, we even invite "summer people" to come to the party.
But, they have to be very special.

Can you imagine the floors the next morning?

Actually, out of these great gals, there are a couple that I could get a daughter fix from if I needed to.

This is one quirky group of young men.
We enjoy each of them for different reasons.... the hair is just one of them.

Let me just say that the lovely Claire on the right helped Ben host the party and I can't tell you how charmed I was after spending two hours in Woodman's fighting other grocery carts to see the fresh cookies, pineapple, pound cake and sweets being prepped for the party, in my house with me having nothing to do with it.

John and I came down from the upstairs long enough to take pictures, but just short enough to not be "un-cool".
Upstairs, we could hear the loud buzz of people laughing and having a great time catching up with college experiences.
The old walls of this house just soaked up the happiness of it all.

I love living in our small/town/winter Door County.


  1. Oh-My-Heart... What a fun time at The UGLY SWEATER PaRty!*!*! What wonderful memories to treasure ~ especially in Door County!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Don't fret Angie, one day your sweet boys will give you a great daughter to have fun with, and just think you get them at their best, skipping all those teenage years where they don't want to be "friends" with their mother! As a side note my daughter is always available for bonding time! She has already begun to plan out her "holiday outfit" for tomorrow evening.... And yes it includes the sparkly high heels!! As Claire informed me "once you put on those high heels, you never want to take them off, they are just that great mom!" Merry Christmas...

  3. Hey Angie- Loved the U-Glee sweater party story. I love kids that age- great energy!

    Miss being on 'da Door and visiting with you & Carol. We'll hafta' come up often in '11.

    Happy New Year & Hugs,
    Froggy Burkhardt


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