Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tales of Home and The Gift.

Now that winter has landed and decided to make itself at home, I've started decorating the house.
The day before the real cold hit, it was probably 30 degrees and sunny with us putting away patio furniture and winterizing the outside.
I was so charmed and surprised when I was heading to the barn and saw this.
Our sweet Mr. Bill who decided to take us in last summer.
I've told you about him? Just a kitten crying at the corner of our garage, and now look.
Not a great shot, but I love it. (his pal Ms. Lafe is hiding in there as well)
Back to the house... two years ago I found this fantastic old coffee tin at the Gibraltar Antique show.. It says "Edward Gillies and Co." at the bottom and on the front top "French Breakfast Mocha Java" I paid a pretty penny for it. Have been online trying to get info about it and have seen plenty of items, but nothing like this. I think I may have a gem.
Anyhoo... empty-ish nest makes me want to decorate my house in cream, gold and pink.
Love these bottle brush trees with sparkly ornaments tucked at the bottom.

I filled this great jar with white, brown and gold ornaments and at the last minute decided to throw in some silver baby cups and my hubby's and my baby shoes.

Some of you know that my younger son stayed home this semester to figure out what he really wants to be doing school wise. He was lucky to be the pizza thrower for the Wild Tomato, but when winter hits, work is not to be found in Door County. He has had several weeks just being home.
Most of his friends are away at school, and being nineteen in quiet Door County can test the entire family.
He had been staying up way to late and sleeping too long.
There are only so many "chores" I can give him and he was just zoning out.

Then one night I could sense from my bedroom that the garage lights were on. I could just make out that it was Ben and couldn't imagine what he was up to... and thought I probably didn't want to know. I found out the next day that he had been going through boxes of mementos that had been stored out there. He found my husband's seersucker double breasted suit that he had worn leaving our wedding, his great grandfather's leather bike jacket and plenty of wonderful items from when he and Danny were tiny.

The next night I could sense him out there again, but in the morning I left for work before he was up.
Can you just imagine the smile that spread across my face when from way down the road, I could see this on the side of our barn? It's five feet in diameter and shines for all to see!
Ben is a gift.
Our Christmas gift.

And, far as Ben goes... Santa Fe University of Art and Design.... signed, sealed and as of January, delivered.

I did forget to mention that last night I went to bed without a Christmas tree, and woke up to a tree in it's stand ready to be decorated. I didn't ask....


  1. Sounds/Looks like BEN is quite a Gem!!! YOU are soooo loved...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Aaah, one of those that marches to the beat of a different drummer...they are really special!!


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