Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Sparkle Arrives at Viva!

Kris paid us a visit and left us with some of her newest creations.
These all have a bit more bling and sparkle, perfect for the holidays and brightening up the winter days yet to come!This one with the ivory button is my favorite!

These are called "big sweets" and are loaded with charms and sparkles.

"Sweets" for an elegant, more simple look.

The earrings are new to Kris, who prefers creating necklaces, but realized that some of you want a more matching look. These earrings do not disappoint!

We also have some lovely vintage jewelry, check out the fabulous necklace on the mannequin!
Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.
Make sure to take some time for yourselves.
Peace to you all.

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