Saturday, January 29, 2011

Viva's Winter Facelift

While it's a little more quiet in the county this time of year, we have had the blessing of a beautiful snow fall.
Skiers, snow mobile enthusiasts, sledders and skaters are loving it and coming to Door County to enjoy it all.It's hard to bring in spring ideas yet when winter is so lovely right now. I just decided to do some neutrals up front, bedding, pillows and a few surprises.

In the back room I could not resist bringing out some of the florals. Lots of mix and match items in stock right now... a cheerful cottage, indeed.

It's not everyday you come across ironstone with pink trim.
It's the real deal, and how sweet is the vintage card?
Would make a great Mother's Day project, don't you think?

There is a nice assortment of Shelley Kyle perfumes, powders, soaps and lotions left.
These were a nice touch this year.

What fun... a little surprise tucked in.

And another...

Sweet little sayings.

This winter has just been lovely, even I have to admit.
Last night we went to T Ashwells for Mediteranian Night.
He opens the kitchen and serves the food from there, there's belly dancing and it's just an overall great time.
What a treat to venture out into the night air after, and be greeted by three inches of snow, no breeze in the air, just silence.

Not so silent, but charming in its own way are the winding lights of the snow mobiles in the dark that I can see from this very spot while I write.

Just another winter's night in Door County.

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  1. Love that darling pink/white pitcher. Is it still available and how much? Just so sweet! Ashwell's night sounds perfect this time of parent's cottage is kitty corner from Tom's on Lakeview and we love walking over for drinks in the evening...Can't wait for those summer nights...although belly dancing and food from the the warm zone will suffice in the meantime...Jen


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