Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year... Now What?

Usually, time of year I'm reading all kinds of articles about what fabulous things people will be doing during this new year.
Usually, I'm dreaming of the next season and what we're going to do bigger and better.
Usually, I've got a little bounce in my step, getting ready for markets and travel.
This year... not so much.
You know what stopped me in my tracks?
Curious Sofa in Kansas city is closing its doors.

I have followed Deb's blog for years.
She is the retailer of all time when it comes to creative ideas, displays and over the top events.
Frankly, I have stolen so many ideas from her it should be illegal.

Basically, she lost her mojo.
Just like me, since 2008, we have been treading water just to keep things going.
The hardest part has always been winter, but this is the first year I've looked at my bank account and wondered why I keep doing this.

What has kept me going, and I'm going to have to really rely on this one for the winter, is that when I walk into my shop, I feel light and bright and oh so happy to be there.
Then of course, I'm happy to share that with you and oh so glad to see you.
My thoughts for this year are going to have to be outside the box.

I have been contemplating adding event planning as a part of our business.
Everyone wants me to do it, I get asked all the time.
Then I think of contracts, differing opinions, spoiled brides, not to mention the Mothers.
Deposits, refunds, schedules and mistakes.

This equals stress to me.

Then I was reading the Raised In Cotton blog. Guess what she's adding to her business this year?
Event styling.
That's what they really want from me, to make the occasion look and feel the way they want.

The wheels are still turning on that one, but by late spring we'll be set to go.
This makes me thankful for Carol, and the magic that happened when Katie fell from the sky.

While my family is all in good health (thank you), we have had our own ups and downs over the past couple of years.
Not one big awful thing, just little knocks.... one right after the other.
Just when I'm ready to crawl under a rock, the skies have seemed to clear.
Obstacles that the boys have faced are resolving, challenges my husband has had are smoothing out, and I've discovered Zumba.
(did you do a double take?)
Right, me too.
Last spring, on a fluke my BFF and walking pal happened upon a woman in the Y doing Zumba all by herself. Music cranked, she was going to town.
She saw us spying and invited us in.
January 15th, I will become certified as an instructor and will be teaching classes.
I know, right?
Did you see that one coming?
So this Friday night at the Sister Bay Village Hall will be a free Zumba party, hosted by four different instructors... they are letting me lead three routines.

So things have been rough at the shop financially, tricky times at home, and just overall feeling heavy from the weight of it.

I think the bounce in my step will return, soon I'll be dreaming of a new season with a better outlook and it may all be due to just shaking my a#!
Thanks for the vent.


  1. Wow... Thanks for all the sharing Angie!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. I want to come and help with Event Styling!!! I could provide comic relief!!!
    And, yes, I'd do the zumba, too (MORE comic relief!)

  3. i feel for you, angie. it sounds like you have the right, creative, and resourceful attitude.

    wishing you all the best in 2011. your new year sounds like it's off to a rocking start especially with the zumba.


  4. i am sad i did not read this earlier than today..angie you are a great person in and out, from what i have seen in my short time- sharing words this past year or are so talented, so creative..keep the spirit! would luv to connect with you sometime..just for happy!


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