Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer... The Fast and the Furious

Ah, summer. We wait so long for it and then before you know it the peonies are brown, the iris's have finished and it's time to clean up the garden, unpack the gazillion deliveries that are piling up at work, have a huge market at work, host the biggest 4th of July party know in these part, keep the Zumba routines fresh and the class motivated, prepare for a trunk show...


Anyone in the Midwest knows that summer is fleeting/flying/leaving us in the dust.
Sometimes I just want to be a kid again where Mom took us to the swimming pool for hours every week day. The smell of chlorine and the sounds of buzzing locusts in those huge trees at Harrington Park is a very strong memory for me.

I smile at the thought of my Mom and all the other ladies with their towels all next to each other lathered up in Coppertone chatting and solving the world's problems, while we slid, dove, flipped and splashed the summer days away.

Oh, I had such a crush on Adam Adams. (that's his name, so what?)
That boy could swan dive off the high board like nobody's business, flirt with every girl at the pool and leave every one of us in a summer swoon.

Exhausted and starving after, the feel of the air conditioner blasting in the car (this was Texas people... no where in the Midwest do you swim and then get in a car and turn on the AC!), and the the tunes playing on KVIL. We took great comfort knowing Mom would make some kind of great dinner. My mom... "you're gonna get cramps!", because we inhaled our dinner in the summer due to the neighborhood kids starting to gather for all kinds of games we would play late into the night.

I was a dodge ball force to be reckoned with. Just ask Carolyn Dale Nelson and she'll tell you about the time that the two of us took on all the boys in the neighbor hood and whooped em all.

(Just had to throw that out there).

The shouts of parents calling for us to come home around 10 or 11 at night was always disappointing, but we knew the next day we would do it all over again.

Man, those were the days.
So, I guess I should get on with what should be a busy, over the top kind of day, just like tomorrow and the next and the next, but that was a fun walk down memory lane.

I sure hope you take some time to slow down, enjoy and dwell on fond memories.

Happy Summer, All.

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