Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Styling, Reason To Get Off The Highway and Apologies toThe Graphic Fairy.

First things first. After hours of stewing and steaming over my problems trying change my blog, I finally got it right, went back to the Graphic Fairy site and she was right. In black and white she addressed exactly what I was doing wrong.

I am sorry.

I have taken many images from her site and they are wonderful, you should to.

Now, if you remember, I've tipped my hat into the "Wedding Styling" arena.

Or let's just say a really great gal asked me to help with her daughter's wedding and after seeing what she wanted, I could not refuse.

I may be more excited than the wedding party!

Here is the darling couple, Nick and Emily.

Nick and Em had photos taken at several different locations and a few wardrobe changes as well. I cannot stop drooling over Em's dress.... it IS vintage.

Absolutely dreamy, and she was stunning in it.

They hired a great photographer from Milwaukee, and here she is mid-shoot in our orchard.
How lucky to be in full bloom!

What you don't know is that it was about 50 degrees, and the fog was rolling in.

Em never once looked the least bit chilled, while her Mom was wrapped in a blanket and John started a bonfire!

Nick and Emily are a very sweet couple and I truly hope I can style their dreams come true.

Now, onto other important matters.....

Ever been here? It's about 30 seconds off Hwy 57/42 in Dyckesville,

and you can get these...


Okay, let summer begin! Hope you're having fun.


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