Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vintage Market Vendors!

(side note, I am not able to link some of the vendors listed below correctly, will correct soon)

I am beyond excited about this years Vintage Market.

We have 18 vendors this year, as well as a new food vendor that promised to start us off with breakfast fare and continue to bring out goodies all day long.

So I went around the internet and "lifted" pictures from blogs and web sites of our vendors.

Be sure to click on the links, that if they have a site, you can go and check them out further.

Brilliant Stranger, Fish Creek

Altered Ever After

In A Haystack

Small Town Vintage

Lulu's Petals by Staci Schem

Vintage Retouche

Chippy Shabby

Our other vendors are:

Apron Strings with Mom and Me

Vintage Jules

Retro Textures

Loba's Art

Susan Livengood

Jane Herlitz

Tara Zimmerer

We're going to have a great time, and there will be treasures of all sorts to make the hunt fun!

Sat. July 9th 10am.

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