Thursday, March 1, 2012


What the heck?
I will be 50 this coming June.

The reality is that the last few years have been a bit more of a burden than a joy.
Not that we've been without joys, it's just that the other has seemed to enjoy the spotlight a bit more.
For so many reasons.
You've all been there, I don't need to explain.

I love, I adore my shop. Wait, it's not the shop, it's the customers and friends I have made throughout the years that have been so very kind and supportive. Frankly, if that's all there was, that would be enough.

A while back, I actually wondered what it would be like to close Viva la Cottage.
It sure would take some pressure off of me!

At that very scary moment of "what if", I decided I needed to shut up and turn off.

Just be quiet and listen.

Light bulb.
(I was going to say an "A-Ha" moment, but we'll leave that to Oprah)

I am going to bring my game back.
Creative displays.
Fabulous events.

This, which will set us up for 2013.
Over the top... for all of us.

Stay tuned.


  1. I ALWAYS LoVe coming up to Viva!!! You ALWAYS have amazing displays!!! and enjoy chit-chat time...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  2. Angie, Your shop is always beautiful and the displays inspriational!... And, 50 isn't so bad... I threw a party for myself...invited everyone I would want to come to my funeral someday... and some great musician friends. WE had a party deep into the next morning!!! It was really great and 50 is just another year. This one will be 52 for me and I sometimes feel I am finally finding my stride, doing the things I love... !
    You will feel that way too!
    from OpendoorStudio


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