Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When They Say They Want to Help!

It's a party and you're invited... tomorrow (3/22/2012) at 11am, and it's not a blog party, it's the real deal. Real warm bodies, the real smell of a hot glue gun and lots of chatter.

Katie and I have been working on back drops and displays this winter.
Tomorrow brings on paper flowers, and when I have mentioned this, a couple of you have piped right up and wanted to join in on the creating.

Well, come on.

Bring tissue, paper grocery bags, scissors, glue guns, staplers... whatever.

Bring a lunch as well.

We've got it all planned out... well not really. But hey, sometimes that's when the most creative energy flows and glows!

Fun in the "off" season.


ps... if your flowers are a dud, it just won't matter!

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  1. Girl...if I didn't have certain unfinished business to attend to (such as setting up shop in a cow pasture at Zapp) you know I'd be there. After middle name is "Party"! Have fun!


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