Friday, March 2, 2012

You Can Take the Girl Out of Texas... Three Things.

Have you ever read the Talkin' Trash blog?
Well, she's from Texas, my home state.
When she's not blogging about her shows coming up, like Zapp Hall, her hubby and all things that strike her fancy, she's writin' stories and just tellin' it like it is.
Whenever I read her blog my accent comes back... even if I'm not speaking.
She reminded me of this: 1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Frito Pie.
Slit open the side of a small bag of Fritos, pile on some canned chili, add some cheese and you have what I thought was the best meal that had ever been invented. (come on, we all did)
At Memorial Elementary in Plano, Tx. this was mighty high and mighty fine cuisine served at the annual Halloween Carnival... oh let's just say in the "70's".

2. Grocery Store Feet.
Curious to see if you know what this is. You can read her blog or just leave a comment with your best guess. I had not heard this term since I was a young 'un (I don't think I've ever said or spelled young un' but I can't help myself), but I know what it is.

3. "I'm fixin' to..."
This means "I'm about to..." it's a verb.
Now this one did not come from Talkin' Trash, but I needed to share this one.
I have a Face Book friend that I haven't seen since early high school. She was born in MI. lived a while in Texas, moved back to MI. and back in TX as a couple of months ago.
Bare with me.
Carrying her little daughter into the bathroom, the precious girl (bless her heart) asks her Mother what was about to happen next.
Well, the window was open and the faint smell of a skunk wafted through, and out of her mouth came "I'm fixin' to give you a bath".

LOL to the big time. I cannot tell you how much this tickled me!
If the smell of skunk hadn't "wafted" in, she might have just said, "It's time for your bath".


Okay. One last thing, and I have to admit that I still say this from time to time. On special, occasions.

"They ain't...".
This is the lead into
"There is no way..."
"That's not happening..."

It's not "They aren't...".
Not to mention, it needs to be said with big ole eyes and arm jestures.

Law! I'm all tuckered all over this entire thang.

Nite, nite.


  1. I love Deb's blog...I start talkin' Texan when iread it too, and I've never been there!


    P.S. No idea what grocery store feet are.

  2. I just KNEW that girl was still hangin' out inside you! They ain't no way she'll ever completely leave. :o)

    Grocery Store Feet = bare feet that look like they've shuffled their way across the unswept floor of the Piggly Wiggly.

  3. Ms. Melinda, you are correct! Ha!

  4. Hello
    ou Can Take the Girl Out of Texas... Three Things.
    Amazing blog post as always! I am very glad to see your post, I located what I was in search of here
    Thank you!

  5. First things first... need to add an e-mail to your comment so's I can let you know what a kick I got outta it! Psst...true dat on the feet!
    Second...not just any chili, but being from Texas...only Wolf brand. Am I right...or am I right?
    Third...Plano? Get outta town...I'm born and raised Mckinney!
    Fourth...and this is just a little ol' correction. We set up at Zapp Hall just down the road a piece from Marburger.
    And finally...fifth...check out a post I wrote back in February 2011...around the 20th if I remember right. Girl...I'm tawking our language!!!
    Thanks for sharing the Texas spirit.


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