Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Viva's Vintage Market This Saturday in Baileys Harbor!!!!!!

Finally!  My favorite day of the year!
I am also having my own booth this year.  I loved everything about hosting this event at the shop except for the fact that I was always needed inside and missed most of the action outside... not this year!
The weather is looking really good... hot and steamy this week, but Saturday..... 70 degrees, which means below 70 degrees in Baileys!
Just an FYI, the market is strong and crazy busy right off the bat.  If you prefer to shop leisurely, sip, eat and visit... come later in the afternoon, say 2:00 or so.  I miss seeing and visiting with a lot of you!  In the quieter afternoon, maybe we could catch up?!
Here are some pictures of markets past, enjoy and see you Saturday!

Sideways... sigh.

Wouldn't let me correct it, but you get the idea!

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