Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Giveaway!

Since changing sites, I thought I'd do something a little exciting!
I've never done a give away, but when I opened the box that contained this gem, I really
wanted to share.
She is a "Winter Wish" darling that is sparkle, paper mache and other sweet things
tucked in. Under her skirt is a dear peaking out. She is about 18 inches tall and 8 inches wide.
The sweetest face with a crown of stars.
Click on the picture for a closer look.
There are three ways to win.
  1. Leave a comment.
  2. Become a follower.
  3. Link my blog to yours.
I will randomly select the winner Friday, November 19th.
Hope you win!


  1. Ooo pick me pick me! ;) What a sweet winter wish angel. Love everything Viva!!

  2. Your new blog header and layout is very, very pretty!

  3. Hi Angie, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway!! Will also give you a mention on my sidebar! New blog is really pretty! Julie

  4. This makes me wish I had my own blog...alas, I am blog-free!!!
    PS. I miss Madeleine Peyroux!!! But the new blog is really nice!

  5. She is adorable! What a beautiful giveaway!

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  7. I am an old follower of your new blog! Does that make any sense?? (followed your old blog and now follow you new one - more sense?) :)

  8. Love following your amazing blog, I hope to win the angel, she is precious.. I would find a great place for her in my home.. I LOVE VIVA, best store hands down!

  9. Love your giveaway!!! I love your old blog and looking forward to follow the new one.

    best regards,

  10. Hey, Angie. I want to officially put my name in for your drawing. I love your shop. Too bad we live so far apart. Just let me know when I win. LOL Love ya, Laura

  11. Angie, The snow angel is adorable. It would look adorable among my pieces of christmas folkart. I love those wool slippers, but then you know my passion for wool. I became a follower once again.


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