Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foof, Fluff and Another Peak at the Prize

I've removed the sideways pictures, and then realized they are on my computer
at work!
Just call me a ditz.
That's okay, I'm just about to post some new things... went junking today!
Anyway, below are some sweet pictures of the shop.

Love these little birds.

Just a few pics from the retro area.
The Santa bubble lamp is new. He's adorable.
Check out the roller skates, complete with traveling
case and key.

We re-ordered these little felted slippers.
Too cute.

I found a great stash of these vintage mugs.
They say "Egg Nog" on the other side.

Lumps of cole abound.
I don't know why they just "showed up" here, like
someone's trying to tell me something.
Now go and enter the giveaway!!!


  1. Hi Angie, I think the reason your pics came up sideways was cuz you didn't rotate them before you uploaded them! I think you right click on it, choose rotate clockwise and it will come up the correct way-then you can open it and upload!! Hope this helps! Store looks good! Julie

  2. Thanks Julie... I did rotate them before posting, so I'm not sure what happened. Removed them to re-do, and boop, gone. Pics are on my other computer!


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