Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Kickin' Around Town

Went kicking around town yesterday and popped into a couple
of resale shops. Hadn't really planned on finding anything, but did
come away with a few goodies.
This cook book is huge!
The graphics on the front are richer than they appear in
this photo.

Some interesting silver. Double click to enlarge.
A really lovely woman is on the ends. I've never seen this pattern before... have you?
Three real hob nail goblets and some vintage fringe that will find its way to a project.

Some old game cards. I'd say they are 6x8 in size.
Really heavy stock. Would be good for a scrapper.
Let's call it ephemera, shall we?!

Not bad for running in between errands.
Someone once told me that real hob nail is sharp
on it's points.
Have you ever heard this?
These are sharp, so I'm calling them the real deal!

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