Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Holiday Market Pictures

Viva hosted the Vintage Nest Holiday Market over the weekend, and boy did we have a ball.
This time of year is hard to draw a crowd to the county, but we were
so happy and surprised at the turn out and can't thank you all enough for coming and supporting our vintage show.
As you know my camera went kaput, and these photos are when things were really picked over, but you get the idea.
I will have more photos soon.... let's just say vintage coats were all the rage at this show!
Who knew?!Like Walmart, we had a store greeter. She didn't actually say much, but her skates were envied by all.

The great thing about owning the store is that I got to poke through everyone's things after they had left. I found this box and saw a bit of tinsel sticking out. I couldn't resist putting it together Saturday night. Just look at it!
Mint condition and all parts, plus extras.

One of the fabulous vintage coats.

It's just like Katie not to miss a detail. This was on the back side of a big display, yet she even wrapped the candles in bits of sheet music!
Love this idea!!! A stripped lamp shade holding a bowl full of goodies.
Heck you could serve out of this!
(it was full of goodies earlier in the day)

Small Town Vintage always takes a new twist on hand made.
What a wonderful gift for a cook.

Picked over... but you get the idea.

Carol always has great jewelry at her shows. This display reminded me of getting ready for an evening out on the town.

Two of my favorite locals even stopped by to model some of the vintage coats we had.

I'll post more soon, but again cannot begin to express my gratitude for all of you that came.
Retail has been so hard the last few years.
I knew we had to start thinking outside the box, not only to find a way to make money to pay bills, but also to entice and inspire our customers.
While the money is so important to keep us going, so is the creative side of this biz.

I wish you could witness the after hours, the planning and plotting, the concerns and discussions.

Katie and Carol eat and sleep ideas. What will customers want to see, how will it be different this time but still have my signature look, and what new ideas can we introduce to make you think about your own home with a fresh perspective?

Look through your attic, basement and closet to see what you've put aside that could be used to put a new twist on your own style.

Sweet dreams.

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  1. Enjoyed ALL the pics ~ can't wait to see more!*!*!
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