Friday, June 15, 2012


Eric Lewis, Tommy Burroughs, and the cook (Ben McMahon) playing at John's pre-Fest party last night.

A while back, my husband thought it would be really neat to host a dinner in our barn.
Invite lots of people in the community who are involved in food and farming, or who own small businesses that are important in keeping Door County vibrant.
Brit and Sarah Unkefer of  the Wild Tomato catered the event and focused on using only locally sourced foods.  The menu was adventurous and not what the Tomato typically serves in their restaurant.
The best part was my boys were there hands on and involved in almost every aspect of it.
The upside of moving home...
I'll do a post so you can see how we decorated the barn (so sweet), and just the neatest story.
Above are local favorites Eric Lewis and Tommy Burroughs, and Ben snuck out of the cook spot long enough to enchant us all with a number.
Later this week, I'll tell you how we pulled it off and maybe you'll be inspired to do the same.

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