Thursday, June 21, 2012

Go Bo, We Need Some Serious Help.


See that kid?  He's doing what all our kids have and will do.  Jump off the Sister Bay dock.
They ride their bikes off, skate boards off, dive and flip... a lot of times to the alarm of tourists who aren't used seeing this free for all, but our kids know what they're doing.

 Here he is again, this picture was taken a while back.  He's with his Mom, Annika. She is the daughter, he is the grandson of the late and legendary Al Johnson... as in goats on the roof, Swedish pancakes, lingonberries and lutefisk.
Here is Bo last October.  A minor accident landed him in the hospital, where the Doctors discovered something very serious.
He spent months in the hospital, went through hell, and I mean the kind most of us might not survive,  and came out the other end in remission.
We were pumped.  This "Caring Bridge" website keeps us up to date on Bo's journey, usually written by Bo.  Quite eloquent.  After reading every post, I truly felt everything... everything he was going through... and sometimes it was precious, like talking about his Mom climbing in the hospital bed with him to watch movies.   Sometimes not precious as his Mom had to write the post because he was in so much pain.

Bo got to come home, go on the DC trip that all the kids of that age go on, and felt some pain.

I'm going to fast forward because this is so hard.
Bo is back in the hospital... he's grown since this picture quite a bit.  So handsome.
His situation is dire. 
The leukemia has come back and is in his bones.  I'm leaving out a lot of medical details, but it boils down to this.... his doctors have never seen this before, and they've contacted the who's who in the medical world and no one knows exactly how to treat it.
His Doctors gave him options... go home.  Live a life as you can for a short while, and then be kept comfortable until you pass.  (I cannot imagine the room when the DR's said this).
Or, go through the worst kind of treatment a human can imagine and have between a 1% and 20% chance of life.
Reading Annika's post on this was too much.  She told him not to do it for her, do it for him.

The Doctors are frustrated, pissed off, and reeling trying to give this kid every opportunity.
He has chosen life... has chosen to put himself through a gut wrenching, body debilitating, side effects that could last for 10 years, 1% to 20% chance to live.
A. Chance. To. Live.

Please, however you do it, lift him up.  In prayer, in energy, to the sky, to the heavens, open your hearts and arms to raise him up.



  1. Angie...this is sooo touching. You have been so supportive for Bo & I, ever since this all began, back in October. I never knew how much life could play on our emotions until now. 1 day, flying sky high, loving everything about our lives, then POW, a punch in the gut...sadness...diligence...then fighting all the time to stay extra positive & strong. Finally, prayers answered, fight won...victory!!! Then WHAM, knocked down again...reinforcements...courage...back to focus...just to live. I have never learned so much about life, until this journey. I am completely numb, but not a quitter. I just hope I raised my son to never quit as well. Hardest thing I, or WE have ever had to do. I will never give up hope. We fight for living our lives again. Back home, surrounded by all the love of our Magical, embracing community. I thank you for being a soldier for us. Much Love...Annika & BO

  2. I'm crossing everything for you, Bo, and sending as many positive vibes as I can. I'm a friend of Heather Goodwin's and read her post tonight. My dad has Leukemia as well --and he's a fighter, just like you. I'm impressed with your strength to face this head on. I've sent a note as well to my Team in Training crew --we're part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and we train for endurance events in honor of heroes like yourself. We'll all be sending good, strong vibes your way!

  3. My heart goes out to this family. My best friend in life has a son whom is still in remission with leukemia. It is a hard battle and I hope Bo comes out winning.

  4. We are in Door County on vacation and saw the "Go Bo" signs and ribbon everywhere. I found the Caring Bridge site and just read their heartbreaking news. My deepest prayers are with Annika, Bo and the entire community who has shown such love and support to them.


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