Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making a Room Of My Own

Both boys moved back in about seven months ago.  We went from being empty nesters, to a full house again... and with one who hasn't live with us in seven years!  
Do I even need to explain?
That being said, it was for the best reasons, we love them so much and better yet?  They are moving out!
(There is a big story in this that I will share later)

I appreciate my house, but I have never loved it.  This comes with owning a shop and becoming slightly burned out doing everything twice... AND being the only female in the family, I kind of gave up a lot of what I loved personally... mainly to keep the peace.

So TODAY I started my own room.  My place to work, create, dream and feel like what I spent so much of my life doing at the shop.

So let me share the first snippets of what I am making my own, in my own house for the first time:

Funny, we remodeled the down stairs when we moved in.  While it's lovely and we always wanted to re-vamp the upstairs, I'm kind of glad we left it.
Where to start?

 Finally went to the barn to light a spark... cause I haven't had one!
Oh yeah, the brackets that hold those great marble shelves that I decided to keep... could look nice.
I've always loved this door.  We had shelves on it holding greeting cards.  Always, in the back of my mind I thought chalkboard paint would be fun on the windows... we'll see!

One of my favorite items from the store, a little table that I bought from Jeanine at Chippy Shabby
I put a rather large price tag on it secretly hoping it wouldn't sell.

And then there are these great columns that are only about five feet tall.
Up close look of very fine and perfectly chippy.

I have a neat work station that I will line up next to this wall... which is hard to decorate because of the slanted roof line.  Just put some of my favorite things there.  Tomorrow I will line the drawer-shelf with a red and white striped french linen.

Quick on hand to see how things will look on the shelves... testing out some silver and my favorite necklace from Tara.

Yes, that is a thermal shirt pulled over the back of the chair.  If you've been in the shop, you saw it... and I kept it!
Just added a flower pin to tie back the sleeves.

It's a start, and I think I'm going to like it.  A room of my own.  Not since before I was married, have I had a room of my own!

The other three quarters of the room look a bit something like this... 
I'll get there.

Hope you're happy and well,


  1. I purchased a canned ham (7x13 Nomad camper) last fall. I think it will make a great me space. I'm doing it in shabby chic. I think your space is great. have fun!

  2. I have had a room many times and really miss it right now. Enjoy it to the max. It looks like you have a great start!

  3. Helloooo Angie...
    Sooooo Glad you kept that PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy T*A*B*L*E... Over-The-Top Fab!*!*!
    Enjoy creating A SPACE OF YOUR OWN...
    Jeanine Burkhardt


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