Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Door County Conceirge... Join Me!

I love this blog.
It takes a long time to post.
I will continue this blog, but am only going to post when I feel the need to share a story from my heart with something sweet, exciting, touching... just like always.

Since closing the shop, it has allowed me to get out and about in Door County.  The events and adventures are flowing and next summer we are presenting you with some of the best opportunities for fun!!!!!!

Face Book.
Join me.

What I love about Face Book is that it's quick.
On a whim and a minute I can load a picture or album, can share some Door County fun, tell you what's happening, ask you a question, answer your question... all in a flash.

We are listed under Viva la Cottage, or copy and paste in your browser:!/pages/Viva-la-CottageViva-la-Cabin/119935361549

and hit the big "Like" button at the top of the page.
Here you will see things like this:

Not only will you keep up with the Viva la Cottage Events, I will be your Door County Concierge! 
Join me, and I will keep you posted on all things Door County.


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  1. Though we don't live in DC, we DO spend half the year in Algoma, and I run the roads up there! LOVE IT, and miss it in the winter :(
    Enjoyed your shop last year!


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