Sunday, February 3, 2013

Texas and Old Habits

We took a quick trip to East Texas last week to visit my husband's parents and enjoy our old stomping grounds.
Of course my Mother in law owns an antique mall in Malakoff... so you know what we did.
How do you shop properly when you have flown...  What was I thinking?!
We hit an estate sale on it's last day and everything was half price.  Just went in with no expectations, and walked out with this wonderful Boy Scout recognition trophy, this great old hat, and a baby quilt not shown, but you'll see what I'm doing with it soon.
The locker with the handle and old snuff jars (for event styling!) came from Antiques on Royal (Mother in law's shop).
Speaking of, while I was in her shop I really wanted to show support and buy something from her own booth. 
It didn't take me but about a split second to zero in on this.  I want this one for myself.
I cannot resist millinery, much less off white roses and on a black wicker hand bag.
She looked at me when I said I loved it, and I noticed a bit of a look on her face.  A grin, a knowing, a nod, sentiment?
Then she said, "You can just have that, it was my Mother's".
Well we all know when we have to much junk in boxes and drawers that just needs to go and sometimes it's hard.
I think we were both touched that I chose it without knowing.
It now sits in what is the beginning of my room for creating.... which is another story, not nearly as romantic as it sounds.
Hope this finds you all well.
I'm back to blogging and look forward to hearing from you.

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